Did You Get a DJI Quad for Xmas/Birthday/V-Day? Interesting Software Update Comes into Effect Today 14/2/18

Australian DJI drone pilots forced to take quiz…

Came across this while I was surfing around looking at the news and thought that since everyone in OzB owns a DJI quad of some description, thought that this link might be handy to let people know about the upcoming change to the software to run DJI products.

Has anyone done "the quiz"? What sort of things are in it? Is it every time you start up or just once off?? Per account or per machine?

Failing anyone letting us know, I will endeavour to update and start my DJI Phantoms and Spark up tomorrow and take some screen shots.

Edit: Updated my Spark today and got the quiz. For anyone who gives a rats ring-bit, I uploaded the screen-shots. "SPOILER ALERT" The answers are in the photos…

DJI Start Up Quiz for DJI-Go 4 app.


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    V-Day :)


    Did the quiz yesterday,very easy,usual questions……My complaint is it took so long to load that I almost missed sunrise


    So is it once only or every time you start flying?


      So far, it seems to only be once per app. I have this app on my phone and my iPad and have had to do it on both. The questions were identical.

      I have not tried the older DJI-Go app for Phantoms/Inspire yet. Need to charge batteries in the Phantom before I boot it up. Will report back on what I find, but at worst, it's going to be exactly the same questions…



    The exact same quiz is also available on this link if you want to give it a shot without looking at the answers in the screenshots first.

    Very easy quiz that hopefully everyone already knows the answers to.


      Yeah, I saw that on the page, but wasn’t sure if that was going to be all of them or if there were more questions in the rotation or randomised. The ABC article is verbatim from the DJI-Go 4 app. Same questions, same order.

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