Please Suggest - Upgrading PC (Ryzen 2200G Build)

Hi All,

My good old AMD Phenom II PC is getting slower day by day, so I have pulled the plug and ordered the Ryzen 2200G from Umart.

Could you please suggest which MotherBoard, RAM and Case I should be getting with it?

Few Important Points I would like to state:

  • I am not a gamer, the PC will be mainly used for Browsing and Streaming and maybe very occasional light gaming.

  • I will be re-using the SSD, HDD and PSU from my current build. No plan to use any Discrete GPU at this moment as I could utilise the built-in Vega GPU (this is the main reason to buy the 2200G).

  • Budget for CPU + MoBo + RAM + Case = $450, I guess I could stretch it to $500 if necessary. I have already allocated $139 for the CPU, so remaining balance is approx $311

  • Preferring to buy the rest of the items from Umart or MSY (easier for me to pick-up), other option will be to wait for the eBay 20% deal and hope no price jacking from Shopping Express/Futu/PC Byte. I am not in rush so happy to wait if I could save some money…

  • Most Importantly, my main aim is the "F word" i.e. Future Proofing. So I am trying to build the parts considering they are future proof and easy to upgrade/add additional parts when required.

Current Specs on my mind:

1. CPU: Ryzen 2200G $139 from UMart (already ordered)

2. MoBo: Preferring ASRock AB350M Pro4 AM4. Shopping Express sells them for $99 incl. Shipping

UMart got them for $110 though.

3. RAM: Preferring 1x8GB stick (minimum 2400MHZ), I am not sure if heatsink is required for my usage… so please suggest.

I could get the G-Skill PC4-19200/DDR4 2400MHZ for $115 from UMart.

2nd preference: Corsair 8GB CMK8GX4M1A2666C16R DDR4 2666MHz $139 from Umart

4. SSD: Will be utilizing my Crucial BX100 250GB (Still brand new in the box, another impulse buy from OZB)

5. HDD: Will re-use from my Current Build.

6. Case: Please suggest. It would be great to have a 5.2 bay for ODD (Yes I am old school) but it is not essential.

I really like the Corsair Carbide SPEC-03 $85 at Umart

Note: I am not planning to buy any after market case fans or any other cooling solution at this moment, so will appreciate if the Case has few built in fans.

7. PSU: I will be reusing the OEM Thermaltake 500W PSU from my current build as it is still going strong.

8. OS, KB, Mouse, ODD: Will re-use from my Current Build.

Many thanks for your Help.


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    Looks good to me, good to see you do a bit of research on your own. the mobo looks good, ASROCK is a cheaper brand but still known for high quality with heaps of extras. Ram just get the cheapest as it makes very little difference to the speed. Case is purely aesthetic and as mine spends its life under my desk never seen I just went with the cheapest one with good ventilation. PSU should be easily sufficient for this build and would not need to be upgraded if your added a gpu for some gaming later on.

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    Baps, couple of things;


      The G.Skill F4-2400C15S-8GNT are not listed on the AMD's list but CMK8GX4M1A2666C16 is listed
      The RAM price is so high now - Ohh well

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