Watch Collection - Advice

Howdy all,

So bought my first watch through Ozbargain roughly 6 months ago and from there, I've bought a few more (all up 5 to be exact in 6 months but gave 1 away).

At the moment, I have:
Seiko SNZH57K
Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic
Citizen Eco Drive AT2100-09E
Wenger Urban Classic Chrono

All these watches are sub $200 and I'm pretty happy with it all - nice variety with each offering something different.

My issue at the moment is that I'm looking to step it up for the next purchase ($300-$500 range) but not sure where to start at all…

I know that there are numerous watch aficionado's in these forums and I'm reaching out for some advice! What would be your must have within this range??

(Note: I'm already planning to purchase the Seiko SKX007)

**Shout out to WatchNerd and PJC…thanks for the new expensive hobby….




  • A collection doesn’t have to be valuable to everyone as long as they’re valuable to you.

  • It's more important to make sure you find watches that you like and that fit with the rest of your fashion/style. Bit hard to recommend watches without knowing what your preferences are, and what kind of style you keep generally (eg do you normally err on formal or casual dress, preference for bands, preferred complications, preferred material for casings, large/small wrist, etc.).

    You're better off figuring what things you like a in a watch and then determining which watches fit those criteria and then those that fit the budget, rather than doing as you are here and starting with a budget and working upwards.

    • Out of the 4 watches I currently have…have noticed that I've been picking up the Seiko most.
      Wrist is quite small…

      But I suppose you're right. Think I have to nail down on the style I like and work it from there within price range.

      Appreciate the comment

  • A couple that I would suggest in that price range would be;

    Seiko Cocktail time (Pretty much any of the variations)
    Seiko Sarb033/035
    Bulova Accutron 2 Alpha (for something a little different)
    Glycine Combat Sub Goldeneye (A little over your budget but a beautiful watch)

    But at the end of the day, look for one you like. That's the only person that the watch has to impress.

    • Thanks! Just wanted some recommendations which can point me in a direction…
      Was reading about the Bulova story today and considered the Lunar Pilot due to the history behind the watch but the watch would definitely be too big on the wrist unfortunately..

      The Sarbs do look nice and will read up on Glycine :)

      • You can get some nice Bulova watches from the 60's which have a classic look to them. Don't just think of buying new. Have a look around in pawn shops etc to find some classics.

  • If i were you (and I somewhat am, since I have a decent collection - maybe 50 watches?) i would try to mix it up a bit

    Find the gaps in your collection and aim to fill those. Everyday watch, dress watch, chunky watch, sporty watch, etc

    And chunky can work for small wrist, like mine, you just have to be careful with what you buy. Needs to be deliberately chunky, rather than slightly too big, if you get what I mean? For e.g (and this is hardly a name brand watch) I have a Georg Jensen Koppel, which I've put a white/maroon strip NATO strap onto, and it looks great!

    I also have a Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques, and couple Omega Seamaster Devilles - they all work well for small wrist dress watches

    I have a couple Timex Weekenders, and a couple old mechanical Favres Leuba Sea Kings with funky coloured leather textured straps on them - they're cool everyday watches

    A Tissot dress watch but with a tan crocodile skin strap also works pretty well as a smart casual watch, plus it stands out with whatever you're wearing

    Apologies I can't remember all the specific sub-brands of these watches!


    Mix it up, buy a basic watch kit off ebay, some straps from Cheapest Nato and have some fun!

  • i had my first watch at maybe like 6 years old (family own watch store). each year i got one new.

    bought few from ozb as well but sold most of them already on ebay (any that can be sold, i will sell) and get one smart watch. im happy. they were just taking too much space (i keep all the boxes etc).

    just my 2c

  • Seiko Alpinist Sarb017 on a bracelet

    Hamilton Khaki Pioneer with date or without
    Also in cream dial

  • My advice - don't.

    At that price point, you are buying mass produced merchandise.

    At a higher price point, you're paying for a status symbol.

    At $0, you have a rash free wrist and extra storage space.

    But if you must collect something, I thought the Mr G stuff looks neat… But then again, I'm probably being nostalgic.

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    Something different to your existing watches may be a Hamilton Khaki Field or a Seiko SARB033

    But also have a look at the reasonably high end stuff out there like say Omega Speedmaster, it may inspire you to save up for a grail watch instead. You don’t want to spend a huge amount on heaps of watches and look back and wish you bought one high end all rounder instead.

  • Buy a clock. They are bigger and less expensive ($ per square cm)

  • All very nice watches, but what are you looking for in a watch now? What sort of look are you after?
    For some good advice, watch "The Time Teller" on YouTube.
    I just bought an Omega DeVille Prestige, with a blue dial. It is simple, yet elegant, and works as both a casual and a dress watch.

  • OP: Be very careful. This is how addictions begin, and collecting watches can be a very expensive hobby.

  • Slow down, don't speed up. Concentrate on finding a particularly good price for a watch you like. Consequently you will derive greater satisfaction buying 2 watches a year than 7 or 8.

    Watches also make great presents. I bought this one for $1.00. My stepdaughter wears it like a bracelet a few days a year.

  • You kind of have to ask what an 007 does that a H57 isnt doing. They are both divers of sorts.

    I'd probably be going maybe a step above Wenger into the sub $1k Swiss although to my thinking its really crappy buying here since you're getting into Tissot, maybe the lowest priced Tag (Formula 1?) and really, $1,000 is $1,000 so unless you really like it…

    I personally think that $500 - $2k Swiss is kind of a shitty deal and then its a big jump to the Omegas to the Rolex of the world.

    I would tend to fill the holes… here's a real good diver, here's a real nice dress watch, here's a sports watch, here's a beater, here's a driving watch, here's a tier 1 Swiss watch.

  • Massdrop has glycine goldeneye and most of the sub watches at $376 usd plus $8 post.

    Bought goldeneye also ng with 240 others.

  • You'll end up spending slot of money within a short period of time if youre not careful. In 2016 I spent over 1000$ in 3 months buying watches from Starbuy. I ended up gifting 2 and sold 1. I currently have 2 Eco-drives and recently bought a Seiko Mini Turtle and a few Q&Q Solar Smiles. I normally buy watches when Starbuy has 60-70% off sales.