Officeworks Pricematch Amazon Australia?

Hi All,

Just wondering - has anyone successfully price matched anything from Office Works with Amazon AU Price? Thanks

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  • Give it a try and let Us know

  • just try.

  • Keep us posted!!

  • How about you ask THEM!.

    • Somehow I don't think THEY will tell him if "anyone has successfully price matched anything from Officeworks with Amazon AU"

  • Woah - I just wanted to see what everyone's experience was. I'm heading into Office Works this weekend to look at GoPros and would like to price match AmazonAU.

    I wanted to go in and if they had said No at least I could have others here back me up and say they've been successful before.

  • I don't think Office Works price matches anything…. I've tried almost a dozen times
    Even the ACCC calls up on their bullshift every once in a while

    • they've price matched for me, from a bing lee price.

      • They refused mine (Bing-Lee).


          What was their reason?

        • @ronnknee: It was for the Logitech Wireless keyboard, their reason was that they had the White colour and it wasn't the same product as the Black colour (despite them being the exact same model). I would've preferred the Black version anyway, they just removed the Black keyboards from the shelves into their storage and reshelved them the next day when the Bing Lee site was showing "Out of Stock". I know this because the next morning I had to get an air spray from them, and saw it was there on the shelf around 6 of them. So I grabbed two, one for me and one for mum… and as I was at the counter I pulled up the website to show them and that's when I saw it said "Out of Stock". I asked anyways, and an honest salesman would've honoured the price match… but they weren't in the business of honesty but rather in the business of doing business.

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          It sounds very consistent with their price match policy ie. item has to be identical and in stock at the competitor.

          an honest salesman would've honoured the price match

          If the team member had honoured the price match, despite knowing that the price match policy is not applicable, does that really make them honest?

          Disclaimer: I used to work at Officeworks but that was a while ago. I am not trying to argue on their behalf, just trying discuss the situation rationally.

        • @Kangal: that’s understandable as different product code for white as to black

          If the product codes match then they should price match no issues

        • @asa79:
          Yes, but they have been fined for this act before by the ACCC.

          Basically they would offer a Printer for a set price. Then the same printer would be on special from Big W for much cheaper. Officeworks would continue to falsely advertise that they have the cheapest prices, or will price beat, to claim more customers.

          Now when someone would attempt to get them to price beat (or even price match) the same printer they would refuse. Now, when you look at the product codes they are slightly different from the same manufacturer. Sounds fair?

          Wrong. Officeworks was getting the manufacturer to sell the same printer with no practical difference in function, performance, look, and sometimes…a mere clone…with a different product code.

          So it is underhanded, and unethical, and basically fraudulent (a criminal offence). They've got away with doing this many times for far too long. It took some effort for the ACCC to find them. But overall they have profited moreso, since, the market of Australian Consumers that buy without shopping/hunting around is massive…so they take advantage of it.

          Seeing this happen to me first hand, now I prefer to buy from their competitors even if it's a few dollaroos dearer…because if enough people did that, then the market will be more competitive (and the players would need to compete with merit, rather than underhanded tactics).

    • We had them price match a Mac Computer back when Dick Smith was going through its death throws. We had to do it via the online call centre people but they pulled up the ad themselves and said it was OK. Not sure what there policy would be for online only stores. The only real issue was they took a while to deliver it to the store for pick up.

  • Depends who you get served by.

    I told my wife to try them on with price matching a Nexus 5X about 18 months ago from an overseas seller with an AU website (I think it was eglobal).

    We were fully aware of their policy but thought we'd try them anyway.

    To our surprise the lady at the counter did it without hesitation….

    Then last week the Nexus bootlooped….. LOL

    Now a warranty claim with LG, but I digress.

    TLDR: Never hurts to try.

    • I did the exact same thing by trying to get a Nexus 5X from them by price matching eglobal about 18 months ago too, except they refused to do it because it was a grey import :(
      I ended up getting one from JB because they had a good deal on, mine bootlooped about 10 months or so after I bought it, got repaired quickly through JB and has been fine since. It will probably bootloop again eventually, so moving on from the 5X soon.

  • My officeworks price matched Amazon us

  • Don't know what product your after, good guys price match with Amazon AU. Just in case the product your after in TGG.

  • If you are looking for the GoPro 5 black, it is listed $429 at OW, and $398 on amazon… but I found it cheaper at videopro for $395. Also comes with free shipping, so you can use this to pricematch at OW.

    • Oh man I thought it was $350 still! That's the only reason why I wanted to price match!

  • so that's a yes? price match in 2020 for amazon AU?

  • Was doubting whether they will price beat Amazon AU but was proven wrong today!

    Bought TP link Deco M4 AC1200 (2-pack)

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