Supervisor Called Me out Via Crew Text

Hi guys, just looking for advice regarding this message and what i should do/what avenues i can take to get the best result for this message from my supervisor.

My brother in law was my supervisor before he took another job a few weeks ago and this guy hasn't been at the company more than a month.

He let the original yard worker go today and offered me the job so i accepted. Received this message that gets sent to everyone in the work crew.

To be honest i am pretty pissed off to say the least, not going to get into a fist fight with this guy either.

My brother told me to just find another job asap and report him to HR. But i'd be much happier seeing this dude lose his job.


Message here:


  • Perfect, you have it in a text message. Find another job then report it and seek compensation

  • What job was you doing before? If you werent the yard worker.

    Message him and ask what it was about. Ask him if that how he usually talks to his workers.

    Then I would probably tell him you arent happy with it and wont stand for it.

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      Ops boss breaks his back, now op stands for nothing. Thanks for the bad advice.

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    Ignore some of the terrible advice on here. Keep the evidence but do nothing. Yes your boss overstepped the mark. But if he only did it once, then just play it cool. It was probably intended as a (albeit bad) joke and might never happen again. You have to consider your future working relationship, so keep the peace. If it happens again then only thn talk to your boss.

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      Doing nothing means that it will keep happening again with no repercussions. Just about all of those chicks in that me too movement did nothing.. look where it got them.

      If you are harassed in any way in a work environment, either stand up for yourself, or just nod and be a bitch.

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        Stop blaming the victims, it is like saying slavery happened because the slaves did not do anything.

        Some of the "chicks" in #metoo did not have a choice that did not involve basically destroy their career.

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          There is a difference between fear of losing one's career/job vs losing one's life. Either way there is no blame but there is definitely choice.

          Either do something and stand up for yourself and others in the same situation, or suck it up buttercup.

        • @Aneurism: "Either way there is no blame" followed up by "Either do something and stand up for yourself and others in the same situation, or suck it up buttercup."

          Not sure if you know what "blame" means… here is a link so you may read on it
          It can be your word of the day.

          I am not saying the OP not to do something, of course he should go to HR and look for another job just in case. But to compare this to #metoo is just like my comparison between #metoo and slavery. You got that buttercup?

        • @misu p:
          No one is blaming the OP. He has two choices.. be proactive or not. If he sits around and eats it ,things will just continue as normal. If he speaks up ..he might lose his job.

          metoo.. women who are sexually harassed.. if they sit around..and do nothing it eats at them.. If they speak up, they might lose their job.. (most speak up years later way after the fact, when they have moved on from their job.. and they tend to regret not speaking up earlier)..

          slavery.. people forced into labour with no choice. Their families are as well. If they speak up their families and themselves are at risk of beatings or death..

          Which two scenarios are alike ? .. (slow clap)..

        • @Aneurism: 1 small change to #metoo:
          women who are sexually harassed….. if they speak up they would have lost their job, and in some fields not be able to find another one (actresses, anchors, models, even probably business fields, etc) sometimes it is a small word. This means that all their career progress would be over. Sometimes getting a bad "rep" in a field means you are done in that field. For some it is not as easy as "I can find another job". Lets say they said something to HR and they moved jobs, they had no reason to think that the new job would be any different. They did not really have a choice, they had to wait for a cultural change, this is it, this is when it is happening hopefully.

          Do you find strange that almost every celebrity from almost every field has a story from some time ago? Some women spoke up probably, but you never know their name because they are "done" in that field. They did not "make" it.

          You get now the risk? Of course it is not death, but it not like OP's "change jobs".

        • @misu p:

          You can talk about how apples are red or green or whatever, in the end it is described as a fruit.

          The OP and those in the me too movement were (allegedly) harassed. No matter how much you want to go into each and every matter to a granular point, the fact remains that it is still the same category with similar potential outcomes. The risk you describe can also occur in the OP's work environment in exactly the same way..but keep blowing smoke if you like.

        • @Aneurism: My bad for arguing on the internet. I keep forgetting from time to time. Thank you for reminding me.

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    The behaviour (text) is completely unacceptable. If he's sent that to you so bluntly without anything further, he's probably harassed others too. Out of the possible scenarios, they either inconvenience you or have a negative effect.

    1// He is reprimanded and is forced to leave the company.
    2// He is reprimanded but remains in the role and as such would harbour some grudge.
    3// You leave your role because of the incident. A lot of hassle.
    4// You continue your role and the situation gets worse.

    I really feel for you. Please let us know how you go.

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    So what happened in the end?

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    just tell him that his Mum didnt complain when you cleaned out her pipes last night

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    Best to use it to your advantage. Say nothing and then BOOM stress leave the crap out of it for free money. Come back, let him do it again and BoOm stress leave again. Rinse and repeat and workcover/Union bullshit will behind you

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    Yard bitch, this is what i will call my lawn mower from now on

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    mate, been in the similar situation previous:

    best advice I can give you:

    1. find another job
    2. log everything he said/does
    3. sign another contract
    4. talk to HR
    5. start a new job
  • Drop hints / tell him you’re gay. Then wait till he calls you a faggot / homo in group text. Take that to HR - may get him fired

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      Then steal his girl?

      • Well I’m actually gay so no idea haha

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          He still shouldn't have to feel harassed / uncomfortable. If he was close to his manager it might have been different. Incredibly inappropriate from someone he is not close to. The supervisor is clearly not mature enough to be the supervisor.

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    Respond in the group by saying

    "Hahaha, nice one, it's alright though, I was expecting it, since when I was with your mum few nights ago she told me you're an a**hole, well at least I think she was telling me that, since all the boys were there" (Joke from Jimmy Carr)

    Preferably send after you find another job.

    I am joking (kinda)

    I think talking to HR in a big company is good and threaten that if due process isn't taken you'll go public with this.

  • gg get gud

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    There's only one choice now. Fight him. Show him who's the bitch.

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    just reply "no worries, C U Next Tuesday"

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      Haha, Gold! But I doubt he would realise, he sounds like an imbecile…

  • Autocorrect? I would call him out on it. If it's intentional go to HR.

  • Good old fashion hazing.

  • Sounds like you folded like a lawn chair, Jack.

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    Kick him in the nuts

  • Update pls!

  • One on one cuz

    • One on one? (profanity) that three on one, no duels. Got rice bitch, got rice?

      • Anything you can show that is nice?

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          Ayyyyye! My chigga!

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    Your supervisor is very foolish to have written something like this. Report it immediately and hope that it continues. You can have a nice settlement out of it ;)

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      Yep go see shrink and say " I'm normally a strong individual but this broke me". Don't show up to work, citing mental health issues. Then count the racks on racks.

  • Dude, try having a conversation with the guy first. Try saying "I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me a bitch" and see where it goes from there.
    There are some socially retarded people out there and he may have been trying out some banter and thought it was funny in his head.
    This is not worth changing jobs for.

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      Someone who would have written something that out would probably respond with an that sms goes out to everyone saying "Yard bitch has asked for a change and is now a Field Fag".

      • Perfect. Even more evidence of this idiot's behaviour that can go on file.

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    There’s only one thing you can do OP.

    Swim out in the middle of the ocean and freaking eat him and then bang his tuna girlfriend.

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    But does he look like a bitch?

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    1. Raise the concern to your HR.
    2. If no action from HR, report workplace bully to Fairwork. You have strong evidence. You can also consider file a workcover claim. (Personally I do not appreciate the Workcover representative visit my office).
    3. Find another job.

    The outcome for the offending manager will not be looking good. The employment agreement may be terminated if he is still in probationary.

    • If he does #2, #3 will certainly follow
      I'm not saying he shouldnt, but they will get rid of you for some reason or another

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    I suggest posting it on a forum to seek advice on how to proceed.

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    I'd just say if You think I'm your bitch I want my old job back. Do you think I'm cute or something. I'm nobody's bitch. Man to man. We can hire a bitch for you. I'll call HR myself and let them know you requested a bitch.

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    Stop being a lil yard bit#ch.

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    You're a blue collar yard bitch, get used to this sort of talk dude

    Being serious, if you get offended by this type of banter you will be upset a lot
    If you want to go the snitch route and complain to someone, wait, get more evidence, take screenshots with dates, at least 3 months and you will have a much better case

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      I'm glad you get it, as its clear that most people responding here don't understand the banter that goes on in some more physical/manual work environments like what the OP is working in. Guess they're all paper pushes worried about paper cuts mostly.

      I do wonder if the person doing the job before the OP was referred to as this as well, as it sounds like thats what the 'role' is called to me! why? Well, it paints a different picture, as in the OP isn't been singled out.

      Years ago, we had a 'tape monkey' job at work. No one took it personally or cared as this is what its called for whoever was doing it that day!

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        Doesn't matter what one's work environment is, if someone needs to come to a forum to disclose that they are upset about being called something, then they are clearly offended.

        I doubt that anyone wants to go to work and come home feeling offended, bullied or picked on. There is clearly a difference between banter between 'workmates' and bullying.

        Next thing you'll be saying is that initiations and hazings are all just fun as well.

        • The real question is, ok they are upset and offended by this name calling, but is that job always been called that and did the OP refer to previous people doing that job as yard bitch? If so….. Then harden the (profanity) up!

          Next thing you'll be saying is that initiations and hazings are all just fun as well.

          Do you like things handed to you on a platter? Sometimes you gotta do the hard miles to get to where you're going. Getting the apprentice to do the crap work, isn't hazing or part of the initiation. Its just what it is, apprentices do the crap work. Deal with it.

          Not everyone can start as CEO, some have to start at yard bitch and work up.

        • +1


          Unless the job title he signed up for is 'Yard Bitch' then the OP is being bullied. There is no grey area here and it is clear as night and day.

          But yeah that's why they write guides for this type of behaviour

          If you think this is normal behaviour pity the fool who has to work with you.

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      This is the reason I stopped doing these types of jobs and went back to study. I didn't even find it offensive I just found it boring and felt I couldn't relate to these morons. I outgrew this stuff back in highschool at age 16…

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    Record every communication from your manager from now on. It will be needed later on. Report to HR. Join a Union. He will get a warning but still going to be your manager so make sure you keep evidence of any mistreat he might throw your way.

  • Try to imagine what a little yard bitch would do in your position and then realise you are a little yard bitch

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    Challenge him to a duel.

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    Completely obliterate him

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    What are you 10 years old?

    I Would not put up with that shit from a stranger for a second!

    and technically its is a type of bullying and harassment in the workplace.

    I it was from an old workmate then that would be fine as a joke.

  • I think this video might be relevant to yard bitches.

    ps: don't ever think that HR is really on your side ;)

    • They are not, but they would lose their job if they don't act on this as it is company policy. All organisations in Australia must comply to the law, no bullying, harassing at workplace.

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    Just reply "I'm the juggernaut, b!tch"

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    Get hold of his email address and sign him up to a crap load of gay porn sites

    Or better get hold of his personal mobile number then put up an add on gumtree with something like

    I have for sale an Ipad brand new and unopened make me an offer

    P.S I work shift work please call between 11pm and 5am as I am not always able to read gumtree messeges

  • Does he talk to everyone like that, or just you? Maybe he likes you and does not know how to express his feelings to you.

    If you like your job and he only does it to you, start a diary noting every incidence and keep evidence for future wage negotiations.

  • in my mind im thinking this new boss to look like dave bautista and the op being a skinny guy. new boss proceeds to laugh like watshisname from guadrians of the galaxy

    • Drax the destroyer that watshisname.

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    why do all these OPs leave us hanging? what's the latest on this OP?

    • Op got buried in the "yard"?

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    Wheres the update

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    Jacks can't handle the bantz

  • +4

    RIP OP
    Supervisor also in ozbargain

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    Seems like a joke. I would of replied with something along the lines of "Shut the hell up Dave" if I didnt like it, or maybe even had a bit of banter back.

    I dont know the guy like you, if he seems the bully type he might be trying to get one over you like you said. If he does it to other people and is the kind of guy who does bullying type things often, report him when you get another job, if hes the joking type maybe dont be so touchy.

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    Find out what happened by talking to him first. Preferably where it can be overheard. Before going to HR, taking sick leave, finding another job, or doing anything else extreme. I wouldn't be putting up with that, but I wouldn't go flying off the handle either.

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          ^ Supervisor confirmed

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