Cheapest 4K 17 Inch Laptop?

Hi all.

Would love to have a 17 inch 4k laptop, not in a hurry though, so can wait until the right time, just wondering are there good deals around? Guess not?

Is this the cheapest option for now?
Acer Nitro VN7-793G-782H 17.3" UHD (4K) IPS Intel Core i7 Gaming Laptop $2299


  • Let me pull out my crystal ball

  • depends

  • mbp, might be costly but you are getting quality.

  • Phone is fine.

  • $4017

  • not all screens are made equal.

  • Are you going to be gaming in 4K?

    If so IMO, the GTX1060 is gutless to run 4K unless you turn down most graphical settings.
    Not bad price for a 4K screen though, but I'd love to see this in person. Probably very plasticky - fragile build quality unless there is an owner on the site that can give reviews.


  • I don't know why we can have 1440p/4K screens on our phones (OLED, no less) where it takes considerable technology to shrink it to that miniature size…yet once you have the same screen any larger like on a laptop or a TV, it suddenly costs x3-x10 folds more.

    So don't expect 4K to be "cheap" for laptops anytime soon, but TV's are (slowly) getting there.

  • If you don't mind buying from US you might score a rare deal from America.

    Saw a $2200 AUD delivered with import tax and everything else shipping included total around $2200 AUD 17 inch 4k GTX 1070 laptop once.

    Wish I had the money at the time would have costed maybe about another $100 AUD for an Australian power pack but would probably try and sell the US one it came with.

    Yeah otherwise the one you found is a good deal imho.