Liver detox

Hello All,
I am over weight and heard about Liver detox tablets. I checked them on chemistwarehouse but I am bit scared to try them.

I want to know if I can go to Local GP and can request him to prescribe me liver detox tablets or not ?

Thanks in advance.


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    Delete your Ozbargain account = Problem Solved

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    Honestly, Obesity/Overweight is a personal lifestyle choice (Eat healthly ozbargainers). Since the doctor has already recommended you to take tablets, I think it's a bit late now but you should still try to join some fitness programs.

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    Those tablets are using ingredients sourced from herbs. They're generally what's called 'complementary medicines'

    from TGA
    "Complementary medicines (also known as 'traditional' or 'alternative' medicines) include vitamin, mineral, herbal, aromatherapy and homoeopathic products."

    Depending on who you ask, some people may not consider them real medicine because they haven't been lab tested. I think there's also a pretty illuminating 'The Checkout' video on Youtube that talks about vitamins and homeopathic medicine.

    Doctors generally do not believe in the idea of 'detoxes' and neither is a 'detox' an actual medical term.

    I am not a doctor though (but a family member is) so I won't dispense any medical advice. Go ask a trained doctor.

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      my professional opinion as a non doctor/non medical person, homeopathic medicine does nothing.

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        I could be a hobo saying I'm a professional doctor with a $80,000 high yield investment car….

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    Came to write it but Scrimshaw had already written it better.

    Tablets won't magically fix your weight problem. Eating more healthily and exercise are a cliche for a reason.

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    stop drinking soft drink and try and walk 10K steps, and eat less, you'll be on your way to be skinny.
    no silly detox for your liver tablets

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    The problem with any detox is the necessary retox to bring you back into balance… ;-)

    I find I lose weight if I cut out alcohol and sugar, and am a bit more stringent on walking every day. For me, it is preferable to eat and drink what I like (within reason) and correct with a few months of deprivation every year or so.

    I don't think there are any pills or other shortcuts that aren't more problematic than just doing the right thing. I find it very hard to maintain complex diets that allow small rewards and portions of things. Better to just say zero sugar and zero alcohol, so there isn't any work involved in calculations etc.

    I think the best plan is to find the solution that works for you, as it seems to be different for everybody, in terms of what balance of inputs/exercise/willpower is optimum.

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    The liver detoxifies various metabolites, synthesizes proteins, and produces biochemicals necessary for digestion. So you want to detoxify your liver so it can detoxify the detoxifying tablets so you can detoxify better?

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    Speak to your doctor about a fatty liver. He can run tests and see. Fatty liver does make it harder to lose weight, don't worry about these "simple math" folks. Milk Thistle ( )is a good gentle start to a liver detox, as is actually detoxing. No alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate or drugs for a month and plenty of water. Get your thyroid checked too. If you are serious about weight loss and prepared to go through some dramatic side effects, Keto practiced correctly (making sure you reach your macro targets and never exceed your carbs) is highly successful, but super hard to maintain.

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    Hi, it takes more effort, but is much more effective. Fix the cause, not the symptoms.

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    Are you hoping that liver detox tablets will help you lose weight? If so, you are tragically wrong.

    As other have said, drink nothing but water / tea and eat lean meat and vegetables whilst doing more physical activity and the weight will drop off.

    There are no shortcuts or magic pills.

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    I want to know if I can go to Local GP and can request him to prescribe me liver detox tablets or not ?

    Not, because you don't need a prescription for fake medicine unfortunately.

    Go see your GP and ask them; they will likely say the same. They might have some other tips for weigh loss though.

    Alternatively, if you still want to waste your money, send it my way instead.

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    Detox is a myth… a myth worth millions to the supplement industry.