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Uno $5 (Half Price) @ Woolworths


Like Uno? Of course you do.

Great little gift for a friend, family or a general stocking stuffer.

Anyways I've gotten past the 10 words minimum rule, so I'll shut up.

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    You Know?

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    Just remember that you can only use the "Wild Draw Four" card if you have NO other cards that can be played.

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      You can still use it if you have playable cards (e.g., wilds or the same number in a different colour), but you can only play this card when you don't have a card in your hand that matches the color of the card previously played.

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        • colour
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          I had both spellings in there, just to annoy everyone :D

      • Agree, and if a player plays a Wild Draw 4 card illegally and gets caught, he must first show his hand to the player who challenged. If guilty, he must draw 4 cards. If not guilty, the challenger must draw 2 cards in addition to the 4. The challenge can only be made by the person required to draw the four cards.

        • Wow, did not know this rule existed! Would make things very interesting the next time I play.

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        Didn't know that….we used to play with it free to use whenever.

        • I just play it like Exploding Kittens. (profanity) all these rules.

    • It's stackable too, so it's awesome sauce.

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      You can play it anytime you want but be ready to be challenged by the other players

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    Can't wait to bust out my Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

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      Dark Magician Girl


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        Yugioh's dead :(

        • He is still alive

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          I mean the dueling cards.

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          I mean Yugi Mutou the human.

        • I place my spell card! Monster reborn!

        • Not so fast, I reveal my trap card!

        • you think you got me? Activate monster skill!

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    If you have toymate nearby they have ghostbusters uno for $2 and finding nemo uno for $3.

  • Say it like your dream high school formal date would have reacted to your invitation

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    • holy jesus that was fkn great. do it again!

      • I want a part 2 godamnit lol

  • Spice up the game by removing one set of numbers of each colour so that there's one set instead of the usual two. This leaves a greater ratio of special cards to numbers which makes for more action.

  • Is there any benefit in getting this instead of the ones available for $3.99 on eBay, apart from not having to wait five days for it to arrive? The box looks a bit different, but is it the same cards inside?

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      I have this and also bought one of the cheap ones on eBay. This one has four extra cards, three customisable blanks and a "Swap Hands" card. In terms of quality, the eBay ones I would think are knockoffs. There are specks of ink across the decks so they don't look clean, and they appear a bit blurry as well. Go for these especially at this price.

      • The swap hands one can be very awful if you get two of them at once :( I prefer the classic edition.

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    Uno, it's a trap.

  • Very nice deal, thanks OP :)

  • va a obtener la mitad de uno

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    I just had a read through the official UNO Rules and DAMN, I have forgotten a lot of them and I'm obviously playing a family/house rules variant.
    EG, I don't think you can really stack the cards like throwing a draw 2 on top of a draw 2 (which I used to do a LOT with the family).

    Draw Two Card - The player to the left of dealer must pick two cards and then the next player goes (sad, but true).

    I also forgot that the main aim of the game is not just have the least cards but the least VALUE of the cards and so the game rules encourage you to burn off those high value cards like the Draw 4 cards early.

    I don't think my family would want to play by the official rules based on what I could read. :-)

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      You see, this is why we don’t play UNO anymore-it started out fun, and then someone got a whiff of ‘real’ rules, and ‘special ‘ moves, and it all turned to s**t pretty quick. Ah, fun times-I can still hear the word “cheater!” And those slamming doors…

    • If the dealer is here don't be there(left of).

    • We play with scoring, but inverse (your leftover cards are added to your own tally, you want the lowest score to win, game ends when someone reaches 500).

      We also play with cut ins, as each number/colour combo has two cards (except 0), so if someone plays a Red-7, then someone else with a Red-7 can quickly play their card and play continues from that player. It makes for a faster game with everyone on edge as someone may cut in on your turn. Also means you can discard two identical cards if you have them (cut in on yourself).

      With scoring, it means you don't want to be left with "power" cards, or high value number cards. It also means you may never win a round but win overall by continually having low cards left over.

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    Christmas for the in-laws sorted. Thanks OZB.

  • Bit overpriced rrp

    $7 at Kmart/Bw everyday

  • Draw 2

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    Nice, I wanted to cut ties with my current friends anyway. This will make it easier. Thanks OP!

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    Monopoly Deal or bust

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    Sequel to Uno is dos. Released this week

  • Thanks OP will go and grab myself a couple of sets. Really handy to keep in the car for camping trips.

  • Does anyone remember uno Hearts? I used to play it a lot in the 1990s but my stupid cousin gave my pack to my ex gf before she flew back to South Korea and I haven’t seen either for about two decades.

    • Buy her this in exchange

    • Did they elope with your cards?

  • That's a pretty awesome price,,, you know!

  • Uno! Is lots of fun!

  • in spain it is known as juno

  • There is a new game now called Dos! Interesting! I love Uno! I play it on XBox One and also I picked up some "Classic" packs from Aldi a few months ago for I think $4? They're pretty cool and retro!

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  • I literally just purchased a pack from the Toys World Factory store at Campbellfield for $2!

  • sold in most 2 dollar shops for around 2 dollars

    • Is it the real McCoy though?

      Imagine the shame of bringing out fake Uno at a party

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        "Oh no, Dave bought "Umo" again. Are we going to kick him out of the club or what?"

    • Shouldn't it be exactly $2, not around $2? I mean, it is a 2 dollar shop, right?

  • If you grab the last pack from shelf and didn't shout "uno", the price will go up three times.

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