New Childcare (QLD) Estimated Costs Involved

Hi All,

I am looking to buy a lot of land in QLD (metro) and design and build the place for a childcare centre.

Is there anyone who has done something similar in the past and might be able to share some info on costs and govt/council approvals etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Will this be a caged or free-range childcare centre?

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    This post suggests you should do a lot more research before starting this business venture.

  • Prescribed reading -

    Eddy Groves
    ABC Learning

    ABC Learning was an Australian company that was once the world's largest provider of early childhood education services.

  • From memory, you can't just open a child care centre ANYWHERE you like. The council only allows so many in certain areas.

    So you might want to start talking to them before you buy a block of land and find its useless.

    Also you might find it easier to rent something and convert it.

  • I'll get straight to he point. I have been in the childcare business for 15 years and theres big costs involved including a lot of DCP and DEC regulation. If you don't have 3 million cash available i wouldn't even bother looking at it as a option.

    • Thanks Will.

      I have looked into a site which is costing around 350k (700m2 block) in QLD. I am adding an extra $300k for site development etc. Would you say an extra 50k would cover the license costs etc? So that would mean approx 700k plus marketing, website, contingency etc.

      I am looking to start small so it would cater for around 40-50 children max.

      Be glad of your comment.

      • 300k for development … no

      • $3,000,000. Not any less, government regulation is strict and it costs nearly 50k for just childcare architectural plans. If you get things done on the cheap and the council look the other way. Than anything is possible. Find a Childcare project manager is your best bet and talk to him.

  • You should start a business in an area that you know an extensive amount about, and something that you have ideas how to do it better than others are currently doing it, not something that looks profitable but you have no idea about.

    • Are you suggesting that the OP seeks out an Accountant, perhaps a CPA?

      • Not really, I'm suggesting that if he doesn't know anything about running a childcare centre that it probably isn't the best fit for starting a business. A topic that he knows more about would be better - something he's a specialist in.