Vodafone Offer for Existing Customers

Hi everyone,
question to the experts, I have been with Vodafone for 10 years or so, renew every 18 months as they let you out of the current contract if you sign a new one.
Currently $89,- for 2 contracts, wife and I, unlimited OZ, 12GB shared data, 300 + 1000 min shared international, 1 GalaxyS7 at the start of the contract. That package is pretty heavily discounted.

Called up and asked what they can offer to keep me, here are the offers:
allow me to cancel the current contract 6 months before expiry
1 Galaxy S8
$99 / month for 2 contracts
15GB each (we don't need half of that)
300 international for me 150 for the wife

or, as above without phone for $70 a month

What do people think?

Allowing me to cancel now is worth about $200
The phone about $700
Contract $2400
Kogan M plan for 24 months * 2 $662.40 ($205.50 - 40 [voucher] / year)

So that is about $1500 for Voda vs $662 for Kogan for 24 months, however, we have family overseas and also travel a lot, so international minutes are pretty useful and $5 roaming is an absolute killer for us.

My main questions are: Is that the best Vodafone can do?
Are there any alternatives for the price of Kogan that at least have the phone operational overseas
Any general advice.


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    your maths is confusing.


    The cost of Vodafone offer for 2 people over 24 months is $2376
    Vodafone gives me a phone worth $700 and early exit out of my current plan worth $200 (as I'd have to pay current plan for another 6 months)
    Making it ~1476 net for Vodafone for 2 people over 24 months

    The cost for Kogan for 2 people over 24 months (assuming the current deal is available next year) is $662.40
    That is the current Kogan offer from here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/359466 stacked with an ebay voucher that gives you $50 off per order and costs $10, multiplied by 4 (2 people for 2 years)

    Does that make more sense?


      I was a Vodafail customer till October last year and I had been with them for more than 9 years, including the old Three network times.
      $5 roaming is indeed a bonus but finally I made a decision to move over to Telstra and it seems there is no way back (JB porting deal for $200 voucher).
      I would sign up a month-to-month if I have to do a long overseas trip but I am pretty happy with Telstra reception nowsdays.

      For the most of the time I can barely use all of my data with Vodafone due to their congested network. IMO the data they offered is not that realistic.

      A friend of mine worked for them and I was told that each time you call them, you seldom get a deal from a 'real' person. They may put you on hold by saying to talk you their 'manager' but most of the time they just play the waiting/holding game.

      Basically you are dealing with their system and not the person you talk to.

      If you are after $5 roaming plus free NZ roaming, there is nothing much you can do - stay with them. However, if you are happy to sign up a plan before you go to overseas trip, you may find a better plan that suits you.

      Just my personal experience…


    Get Whatsapp/Kakao/LINE etc. for your calls to family overseas. Get a local sim when you go overseas. Now you can save yourself $850 and if you don't really need a new phone save yourself another $700.


    we scored the $59 deal (incl Galaxy S8)
    20GB , free calling and text Aus wide , 2200 mins international

    Telstra and optus were offering this deal . So vodafone price matched it ..

    i think you can do better with your bargaining !


    got them close, $64 for 36GB and 3300 minutes for me +10K Qantas points, they only match $59 if it's on at another competitor, 10K Qantas points are worth $100 though so it's close. Ended up doing that as with Kogan, the phone being dead when overseas is a bit of a turn-off.
    thanks for all input