Any Good Deals for Easter Getaway?

An opportunity opened up at the last minute to get away over the Easter break period, has anyone come across any good deals to get away?

I'm in melb and would prefer to get out of the country for a break if I can, rather than a domestic flight. I'm not looking to spend more than a few hundred on flights since its such a short break. Any ideas?


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    any deals on hondas at easter time?

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    Qatar has a sale on now. Unfortunately prices are still higher than when i bought my easter tix in jan. Given its so close to easter now i think the deals have dried up.

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    stay home, stay in bed to reduce the amount of physical activities so you don't need to eat. You can save a few bucks this way.

    In all seriousness, Easter won't be cheap, but I recommend to drive out to the countryside and enjoy some fresh air, do some hikes which are all free.


    Too late for good deals? How about those last minute flight websites?