Need Ideas for Bedroom/Ensuite Door - or Lack Thereof!

Currently planning renovations on my first home which settles this week!

The Master Bedroom has an ensuite, to which there is no door… seriously, who thought this would be a good idea!

Image -> Bedroom/Ensuite
Floor Plan

I am unsure of how to put a door in this gap.

The gap is floor to ceiling and it doesn't look like a door with hinges (opening in or out) will work.

Additionally, a sliding door might not look all that good if there is a track running across the ceiling.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • Doors plus no fuss

  • cavity slider door…..

    • This. I have a similar master bedroom + ensuite configuration as yours with very little space to open the door. So my builder installed a cavity sliding door which works great and looks even better.

    • Slider doors aren't great for sound transfer. Pretty shitty for an ensuite IMO.

      • Works better than no door that the OP currently has ;)

        But if you have to have a shitty ensuite visit, maybe go use the other toilet if someone is in master bedroom room!

  • I'd suggest a Barnyard style door. It's the current trend in most lifestyle shows my wife watches.

    • This is what I would do, very on-trend. We bought a kit for the track from eBay pretty cheep and looked very nice when installed. Made a feature of the door.

    • Before I clicked on the link I thought you meant like a horse door, where you can swing the top open and leave the bottom closed…

  • I mean you don’t have to have a door. Only real reason for one is so your s/o doesn’t have to hear you take a dump…

    It’ll be hard to fit a door there and make it look good. Maybe there are some architects on here that could advise.

    A track on the ceiling would look bad imo.

  • Ignoring the diagonal, do the two walls parallel to the bed line up? Could you just close in the diagonal wall and then put in a traditional hinge door?

    edit: worst drawing ever but say the blue is the existing walls. Close in the diagonal like the green and install a hinge door (yellow) in that gap.

  • Depends on what you want the door for:

    If you just want to block out the visual of youv or your so taking a dump, the cheap solution is probably an adjustable rod from Daiso and some curtains.

    if you want to block out the smell/moisture from the ensuite, you will need to do some renovation to put in a proper door.

  • draw a little floor plan with dimension, that will help you resolve a lot of problems and easier for people to discuss

  • Probably no door because there no ventilation in there?

  • Really appreciate the discussion/ideas so far!
    Hoping for proper blocking more than just visual.

    Floor Plan

  • I'd go with a cavity slider. The rail across the top doesn't need to look ugly if it's hidden within a nice pelmet.
    I'd get rid of some of the wall next to the loo and add a bit exactly in line with the bedroom/shower wall - only because most door spaces are around 800-820mm and your en-suite entrance looks bigger than that.

    You can use the existing wall cavity but likely you may have plumbing there - we don't know where the shower taps & rose is, bedroom side or bath side?
    If you have pipes in that wall space then you'd need a false wall to accommodate the cavity slider.

    Hope this plan links OK

  • Maybe the person who designed it enjoyed the smell of a 3am shit as they slept

  • I don't get the trend for an open ensuite. Anyway, others have said it, install a cavity slider along the shower wall. Might add a little complexity if there is a light switch on that wall.

    If you are careful you should be able to install the slider without disturbing the shower side of the wall. I managed to install one only removing one side of the wall.

  • Maybe wireless noise cancelling headphones, a sleep mask and a clothes peg are the best option here?

  • We had a similar issue with the gap being all the way to the roof. Opted for a sliding door with pelmet. Worked well for us.
    Our Door

  • Bi-fold with LCD or frosted glass panels. Cheaper than cavity wall job.

  • I have wooden folding doors with frosted decorated glass on an overhead track at the entrance of the walk-in wardrobe here which leads to the ensuite.

  • Dont ask us. Get a carpenter in. Its the only way.

    • No it’s not.

      • So you know everything Mr Encylopeadia?
        You can travel through cyberspace, inspect the job, work out a practical solution for this particular case, price the job, discuss with client, purchase material and then do the job all without engaging a carpenter?

        • Nope. I don’t know everything, and neither do you, although your posts often read as if you think that way.

          There is more than one way to skin a cat, and several have been described here. If OP has some diy skills he/she may well be able to tackle on of the methods described without resorting to your solution.

          As a seasoned diy person it’s exactly the sort of question I might ask to get some better ideas on how to go about it (but I’d probably be asking on a renovation forum). As I mentioned above I have installed a sliding door in place of a swing door, without a carpenter and I didn’t have to struggle to find one that could do a decent job for me.

        • @Euphemistic: Fair enough. But I am not saying I know everything. Im simply saying that getting in a carpenter will provide a parctical solution or two. We can only guess

        • @Amayzingone: true, especially if you get a good carpenter. A lazy one will tell you he’ll get back to you with a quote and then disappear into thin air.