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Kindle eBooks: The Witcher series books on Kindle £0.99 ($1.76) each on Amazon UK


Presumably to mark the translation of the latest Witcher book (Season of Storms), the previous entries are all 99p on Amazon UK's Kindle store. Great if your the type of person who likes to say the book was better than the game/film/tv show.

The Last Wish

Sword of Destiny

Blood of Elves

Time of Contempt

Baptism of Fire

Tower of the Swallow

The Lady of the Lake

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    Series isn't a bad read if you can handle fantasy or are into the games story.

    Definitely a decent but at under $2.

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    I already have this series and can recommend it. It's pretty well a classic in the fantasy genre. Very well written and popular.


    Says it’s only avail for UK customers.


    Do we use a VPN to purchase these?

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    No VPN required, you just need to change your country to UK in Amazon account settings. Make up a random UK address (I used some hotel in London), purchase the books, then change your address back. Books are available in your Kindle app after address change and without VPN.

    The books themselves are great and I'd say a must read if you're a fantasy fan or have played the games.

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    The books are great regardless if you have played the game or enjoy the fantasy genre - well-written, great characters and likes to explore the grey areas of morality.

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    Thanks for this one. Purchased the first one linked. Read the first paragraph. Stopped reading and went back and grabbed all the others. Going to devour these.