Authentic Basketball Shoes

Hey guys wondering if you can help me find basketball shoes in Australia or from international with low shipping costs.
Looking for better brands eg nike addidas jordan but not too expensive any good sites or shops? Thanks in advance


  • Eastbay is where it's at for a wide array of reasonably priced basketball shoes. If you can get a friend or two to order at the same time and split shipping costs it's even better.

    I really like the Curry 3s and Nike Hyperdunks at the moment, they feel very light on your feet and maintain that bounce-back "springiness". Try them on at Rebel/Footlocker to get an idea and get the right size then compare the price to Eastbay.

    • Thanks for the opinion had a quick look through and are reasonably priced, will see if I can get some mates to split shipping.

    • LOL

    • I'd get a pair if they weren't so expensive just to support Lavar

      • Lonzo not worth the support?

        • nah not a big lonzo fan cuz I hate the lakers but I love Lavar

        • @bob123456: Which team do you follow?

  • -2

  • chinatown

  • Keep an eye on outlets when they have 40% off sales, or check the back-walls (last pairs).

  • Bit late here but Pro Direct Basketball are great, they're a UK Company so we don't have to pay Tax (VAT) - which essentially covers shipping costs.
    I particularly like the Sales section and there can be some good prices on older models.

    • Great range of basketball products, but the shipping is expensive if you are only buying few items.

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