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Hikvision Ezviz Security Camera - $70 (42% off) + $6.95 Postage @ Starnetonline


Hikvision Ezvia Mini O Camera 720p $45
Hikvision Ezviz Husky Air 720p $70

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  • 720p is kind of ehhh in 2017

    the just superceded POE series is 1,440p and they have 4k ones now

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      ehhh in 2017? Must be terrible in 2018 then :)

    • how much ?

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    720p is so yesterday. Hardly worth capturing anything with that resolution.

  • Can it still work without power supply?

  • These would be 10x better than those Chinese brand right?

    • hivision is a chinese brands… its just the leading chinese brand

      I suggest you guys read up on how these things work and see if it fits your situation.

      I can tell just from the pics that these are well made toys but nothing more.

    • Just don’t try and get support, Hikvision won’t deal with you unless you have an security installer ID (eg you’re a reseller). Their DVRs in particular have some pretty crappy limits (eg bitrates on single channel, only supporting IE, admin access required to run their software etc etc) and contacting their support they tell you to bugger off and pay someone to support it (who then tell you yep, that’s the way it is). I’ll never use them again.

  • HikVision is a 25 billion company whose cameras are resold by several companies all over world and are in use on transit industry, law enforcement, taxis, etc. Having said that not all cameras and support is good.

  • Why not try Xiaomi xiaofang Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera ? Good & cheap.

    • Does Xiaomi or Xiaoyi sell their cameras, outdoor ones, in Australia ? I bought one Xiaoyi outdoor model in China, and brought to Australia. Unfortunately, this has been blocked, unable to use domestic version in overseas.

      • I got one paid $40 can used indoor , also outdoor under carport ( something cover on top )within 10 meter between your wifi modem.
        U need to know how to set up ?

        • Yes, please. appreciate it if you can. Di you buy Xiaomi or Xiaoyi, or this Hikvision ? The key thing is that I got from China domestic, being domestic version. And you bought an outdoor one ?

        • I purchased Xiaomi one But its for indoor .

        • @Brucet:

          how are you guys still using the xiaofang, after the recent firmware update it can no download videos from the cloud?
          is there a fix or how is it working for you guys?


  • Hikvision is indeed a very good one, which the USA gov is also using now. I do not get chance to compare many brands/models, but the one I am using is good enough for my situation.

  • MY xiaofang still working fine since I had it.( People have to know how to set up ).