Weber Accessories Discounts/Alternatives

Hi guys,

I recently bought a weber Q3200 (havent picked it up yet) and i was wondering what accessories are essential because they all seem like a bit of a rip off to me.

Thought the store would give me good discounts but seemed pretty crappy. So my question is, what is essential? Seems like the roasting trivet is way overpriced at $42 and the 'single use' roasting trays they sell seem like a rip off. Does this stuff ever go on special? Also is there any cheaper bbq cover (theyre charging $69) that will do the trick?

Thanks guys.


  • Weber are one of those premium brands that don't do discounts more than 10% (kind of like apple). Any bbq cover that fits will work but it might be hard to get one to match. The roasting trays are a complete ripoff - just use woolies ones.

    • Sometimes Myer has 15% off Weber accessories but 10% is a more common discount

      • Thanks, good to know. Think the prices the guy was giving me was around 15% off the accessories, so i guess thats not too bad.

  • Buy them thru US websites and get it shipped via MYUS
    Amazon Home Depot etc
    Australian franchisee controls local price
    Depends on item and shipping cost to see if this option is viable
    MYUS will consolidate items you ship so shipping price can be subsidised with other items.

  • We found the convection tray and the trivet really good for indirect cooking. We bought ours from Appliances Online on eBay when there're coupon codes. You can use generic covers but nothing will cover snugly like the original Weber cover. Also get the drumstick holder from bunnings. Marinate your drumsticks in Sweet Baby Ray sauce and you're good to go. The cleaning brush and the cookbox scraper are good too. You can join the Weber pages on Facebook to get ideas and ask questions. There's also pages on Weber kettles, we love slow cooking smoked hocks in our kettle, the taste is divine. Weber has excellent after sales support, if you have any issues with any parts, you can simply ring them and they'll send you replacements.

  • 60% off is my price point
    And even then I’m feel that I’m splurging

  • Join the BCF club. They've just had a 20% off weekend which included all Weber products. They sometimes send a $10 credit to you - I always grab a pack of the convection trays when I get it.

    EDIT - that sale finishes at midnight tonight.

    • Awesome! Thanks

    • Sale says that discount is calculated at cart but doesnt work for me. Even get up to the pay/enter credit card details and theres no 20% off being calculated.

      • That's odd - I'm trying to retrieve my password so I can try it, too. Without logging into Club BCF, I'm not getting any discount either. Maybe try ringing them to confirm. Definitely says until midnight 12/3/2018 on the website and email I got today.

        • Finally sorted out my log-on issues and now that I am fully logged in it gives me the discount straight away.

  • Thought I would add to this to help anyone else out that comes across this - Bunnings has a fake weber style bbq they sell now, and they sell all the accessories the same as weber. Everything is cheaper, so instead of buying the expensive weber stuff, just get your accessories from Bunnings because theyre about half the price!

    • Hi, I just bought a Weber and had the same exact question as your topic.

      What brand is this you're referring to in Bunnings?

      What accessories did you end up buying from Weber, and which did you buy from 3rd party?