Google Play Multi-CD Albums

I have a number of multiple CD albums such as The Phantom of the Opera original cast over 2 CDs, and I want to upload this to Google Play. These have been ripped into 2 disc directories but when uploaded to Google Play it shows two albums, Disc 1 and Disc 2. Is there any way for these to be ideally uploaded to Google Play like the one sold on Google Play where they have the two discs under the 1 album.

If I rename the Disc 2 tracks and upload, then will this effectively result in one disc under the album?

Can I point my rips to the one sold on Google Play for it to recognise it?

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    You can edit the album title once uploaded easily enough so they come under the one and edit individual track metadata for disc 1 and 2 if needed from the webpage from anywhere. I found it easier as I know it is correct finally at the end.