Removing Rubbish Dumped on a Site Bought Recently

Hi, there is rubbish dumped by someone on my plot. Before construction we need to remove them. These are long rods, old microwave, cardboards etc. Help me with solutions. Location South West Sydney.


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    Trailer and a few mates?

  • Complain to your local council that there is illegally dumped rubbish on your property.

    • And they’ll issue you with a cleanup notice.

    • I would still complain because the more people do it, the more the Council should record statistics of the offences and hopefully someone with a brain in Council (too much to ask?) realises they need to provide refuse centres paid for through property rates, not user pays, because its the only way to keep vacant property, rural areas, and waterways clean.

      Council tip fees are the reason people illegally dump.

      I work for a company that owns a lot of vacant properties, some were in an area with no tip fees… no problems at all. Then they brought in tip fees, all of a sudden, we had illegal dumping, as could often be found down back roads just off into some bushland risking waterways.
      In one area, they listened to complaints of illegal dumping and got rid of most tip fees again, no problems again!

      I am in Queensland, now we have truck loads of rubbish being trucked up from NSW and dumped due to fees being too high down there. If its viable to truck rubbish 1000km, then something is wrong.

      At the end of the day, people will produce rubbish regardless, so find a way to allow them to dispose if it responsibly rather than creating incentives to break the law and ruin the environment.

      Alternatively, put gloves on so you don't handle and finger print it, then in the middle of the night, put it out on the road. I don't think its morally wrong as it isn't your rubbish. Make it Council's problem, they created the excessive tip fees.
      Just don't get caught in the act!

  • Separate the metals and other recyclables to save $. Metal may be free to dispose, household recyclables are minimal cost.

    Check your local tip fees before you go.

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    Bikies :) or Binnies, more accurately

  • If household rubbish, on bin night, see which neighbour has some space in their bin and distribute it….

    If chemicals etc then maybe take to council recycling centre. Most will take household quantities.

  • You get a couple of free council rubbish pick ups per year if your paying rates, see if your local council offers them, every council I suppose is different thou.

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    Good luck building a house if you can't even organise a skip bin.

  • we need to remove them

    Yes you do.

    So start to remove it. Get a skip and load it in, or load up the wheelie bin each week.

    Or pay someone to remove it.

  • dig a hole, bury it and build the house on top.

  • O.P. is asking on OzBargain…

    It’s automatically assumed they want the cheapest solution :-)

  • Get a skip…Or a bloody trailer

  • Bunnings has a skip they deliver and remove with a set fee…

  • Location South West Sydney.

    The kerb?

  • Dump it in your neighbour's garden.

  • Hi OP so did you decide what needs to be done ? Did you went with the builder?