Has Anyone Booked with ifly.net.au before?

Just checking, are they legit?

$50 cheaper for my flights than direct on Cathay pacific


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    I spend more than 60% of my life traveling, usually internationally, which means I've purchased a lot of online airline tickets. Personally, as a rule, I will use websites such as eg ifly to track down good prices, then go to the airline website directly and book from there.
    The reason I do this is because I suspect that if there is a problem with the ticket or airline, or airplane (delays, cancellation etc) the 3rd party (ie ifly) may not be easy to get hold of, may not be accountable for what happens after they've sold me the ticket, may not send me updates on delays/cancellations etc.

    I also think that if something goes wrong and I try to talk to the airline about it, they would probably send me back to the third party from whom I purchased the ticket. The airline would have a counter at the airport and a phone number in the country I'm currently in or flying out of. The third party may not, and their business hours may not suit the time difference in the country I'm in.
    I just think that too many things could go wrong. Others may have a different view point, and you'll hear from them and make your decision from there.
    This is how I do it.
    It's worked well for me.

    Good luck, safe travels 😊


      you need a good real living travel agent(not an online travel agent), one who's income relies on giving you great service. You'll never ever get that from any airline, EVER.


      I aways book Int. flights direct, can't call a travel agent in middle of the night back here in OZ.


    Use the website and go to flightcenter and price match?


    I know of plenty of people who have booked with them before and never heard any complaints. You should be fine.

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    For only $50 I would just book direct given uncertainty around ifly and what kind of service they would provide if you have any issues.

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    if you do that much travelling, a good travel agent would be a win-win for both of you.

    The whole idea that doing everything yourself will save you, is nuts. Don't you value your time ?


    I did it recently for an upcoming trip to Bangkok in June. I was of course extremely hesitant after I googled them but with a 20 per cent saving on the line I went with them anyway. Immediately after the booking I was emailed the itinerary with booking references that checked out on Qantas' website so everything seems kosher. I imagine that if I have to cancel or amend the booking they'll be exorbitant at best or non-responsive at worst but if you've seen the t&cs on red e deals with Qantas those guys aren't any better. And besides this is a simple return visit to Thailand so hopefully there won't be any dramas. When I crunched the numbers their offer was too good to turn down and so far it's been okay. Good luck!


    I have booked direct with Qantas many times thinking if something goes wrong that dealing direct it will be easier. But after a mix up in India and missing a flight I found your on your own nobody was prepared to offer any help and Qantas uncountable. So I would just make sure you have good travel insurance and go with who ever suits your wallet.