Xiaomi Redmi 4a Advice with Unbricking Please

I managed to brick (soft brick) my Redmi 4a. Pls let me know if you know anyone who is challenged and helpful enough to guide me to unbrick it. Only bought 2 months ago! Tks



      Current status: I can invoke fastboot screen, but am unable to link with my PC via ABN. I must have tried 100's of different abn drivers and getting very frustrated now. My device Redmi4a is unlocked according to Mi-flash unlock.exe. As I can boot into fastboot, I am hoping my phone is only soft bricked. If I just could get the right driver for fastboot to detect my PC. I have tried Mi Flash and that showed "Error"


        I had similar problem .
        I found some USB ports did not work with the driver
        and the cable quality can be an issue.

        I think I followed this link:http://www.stechguide.com/install-miui-8-global-rom-on-xiaomi-devices/


    Can't wait until they create xiaomicare.

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