Fujitsu SET-ASTG24KMCA C7.1kw H8.0kw Reverse Cycle Split System

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking at buying a new reverse cycle air conditioner and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with Fujitsu? I'm looking at getting the Fujitsu SET-ASTG24KMCA C7.1kW H8.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System from TGG eBay which is $1288 CC at the moment. Is that a good price?

I know I'll need to pay to get it installed too.




    We bought the 9kw unit at Christmas from gg when they had 20% off. We haven't used it much as my wife is always cold but it's very powerful so would do a good job of cooling down our place.

    We paid 2100,gg wanted about 900 to install, we found someone else to do it and paid 650.


      Hi onetwothree, May I know how long does the installation take? several hours? and what kind of power sockets you need? is a standard GPO at 10A sufficient? The electric power is not the same as the heating or cooling power, I would imagine, as 10A at 230V will max out at 2.3kW if 100% capacity rating is the limit.

      We are planning to buy one for our old house, any help is appreciated.

      @ChrisElBargain sorry for spamming your post but this information may be generally useful.

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        I wasn't home but it took about half a day according to my wife. Not sure what you mean by power sockets and the rest of your comment, it's hardwired by an electrician. My house is pretty old and it hasn't caused any problems.


          No problem.. thanks for the info. I will look for the electrical details elsewhere.. have a good day!


    Fujitsu warranty is a pain in the ass. Bought 4 units, 1 broke down after 3 months. Fujitsu treated me like I was trying to scam them and warned that if they deemed damage because of install or anything else, then I have to pay for everything. The person they sent was a contractor too. Fujitsu General have no facebook presence either for the Australian division, which would have been useful for posting a complaint about their service. I find that quite odd.

    Almost thinking I should have gone with one of the bigger companies like Panasonic, LG etc However, the price, with the 20% off from Good Guys Ebay as well as cash back was very good


      all these companies tell you this before they come out for service,if they got there and it was an installer fault who pays for the contractors time?


    that is a good price and they are a good a/c


    Thanks for the feedback everyone!



    we have this unit , 3 years still working well.