First Time Uber Driver (Part-Time) Any Tips For Me?

Hi Guys,

I have just been accepted to become an Uber driver here in Melbourne.

It's my first time and only doing it as a part-time/casual role, I applied just to get extra bux for my income!

Any tips for me? I'm 24 YO Male, kind of scared of people abusing me and stuff - how likely is this? I'm thinking of driving Friday nights, Saturday Afternoons/night and Sunday morning.

How likely am I to get $250 a week or on that weekend (Friday Saturday, Sunday)?

Any tips on how I'm gonna get 5 stars from riders?

Any tips from current part-time uber drivers? Is it necessary to have water bottles and mints in my car?

Thanks in advance guys!

PS: I'm actually quite nervous, will be doing my first uber ride this coming Saturday :)

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    I’d suggest using taxify and Uber (don’t drive for either)

    Mints and water are a good way to get 5 stars. As is not getting lost , driving safely, checking if the rider wants to use the toll way , not being to chatty


    If you are scared of being abused, don't work past midnight on a Friday / Saturday night, that's when people start to become very drunk and abusive.

    It's unlikely you will be abused before that time, unless you / your car smells etc.

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    Don't fill up for petrol whilst on the job.


    I fully understand the nervousness of driving Friday and Saturday nights. Alcohol and aggression go hand-in-hand.

    It's a shame it's not as easy to get casual retail award jobs on Sundays. The minimum Sunday award wage for casuals is currently $39.16/hr (though dropping every financial year) plus super with no expenses except getting to work.

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    What are the chances that its taxi drivers who will hurl abuse at you?

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    Don't be a TA and put the aircon on if it's hot. Past 6 ubers I've had have been on 30+ days and the drivers haven't had the aircons on.

    Edit: Also don't eat/smoke in the car, don't make phone calls, don't try and be too chatty unless the passengers are prompting. Use the GPS but if the passengers seem like locals ask them if that's the best route.

    Water mints etc are fading away these days, most people don't expect it but It find new drivers do it to help ensure early ratings for their first couple of rides.


      Water mints etc are fading away these days

      As these are paid out of the drivers pocket.

      Pax who go min fare, like to take a bottle of water and a handful of mints = profit gone

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      Not everyone loves the powerdrill to the head pop music that's out today. A quick "what station to you want to listen to?" is worth 5 stars from me.

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    Not an Uber driver but I did ask an Uber driver for his tips to get most jobs.

    1. Always go back to the CBD
    2. Set a driver destination (eg. Emerald in Melbourneif heading east), that way, Uber's algorithm will assign any passengers going that way to you over the other drivers who may be closer to the passenger. Once, I was assigned a driver who was 7 mins away even though there were other drivers who were only 2-3 minutes away. When I asked how he 'jumped the queue', this is what he said.
    3. There will be lots of people coming home to Melbourne on Friday nights so hanging around the airport at around 7-8 pm is popular.
    4. Download the app Waze - shows traffic conditions

    And, personal peeve, turn off your R&B, dance, rap, or doof doof music. Silence or gentle music preferable. Also, ask your friend to see whether your car smells - you won't smell it if its your own car.

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    If you have to call your passenger when you arrive, please start the call with "Hello, this is [whoever] from Uber …", not "where are you man".

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    Please shower and exercise good personal hygiene.


    Be aware that all Uber drivers need to register for GST, regardless of how low their income is. You will also need to prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements.


    Once you are underway, don't fiddle with your phone - not only annoying, but dangerous.

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    Many people think being an uber driver is just about being a taxi service. But remember you have people in your car who all need services, you could on sell a lot more stuff and earn a bit extra then just driving.

    Tourists could need tickets or guides etc.


    This may sound rude but I really only want two things from a driver:
    - Shut up
    - Don't drive like a spastic

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      same thing I want from my hairstylist/barber, just cut my hair and leave me in peace. I don't want/need to talk about current events.
      The loud yobbos at work already briefed me on what counts as exciting news to them


    I had to catch an uber/cab from the airport at 11:30pm last night. Uber was surging.. Like we're talking $160 to get to the city.. Ended up catching a cab (i wasn't actually going to the city but that's what it cost..) - there weren't many cabs around so yeah.. Maybe give that a crack..

    I think you'll make it fairly easily with a couple of drunk passengers. They do have their uber rating on the line so they're fairly inclined to act like a decent human being. I guess just always agree with what they're saying..

    I used to ride for ubereats.. The sound that you get when you get a job is addictive! Don't do ubereats in a car though - it'd be a waste of time.

    If you start doing daytime rides you'll work it all out fairly quickly before committing to drunken time king street rides..


    I did about 500 trips and didn't make the money I hoped. I had some abusive passengers, but I know how to handle them pretty well. Only really made decent money on special events or boozy nights.

    After a fist fight in the car between passengers and a really aggressive drugged up guy both in car same night, I bought internal IR cam. It's not obvious, but can be seen and passengers settle a bit. I think they also rate down a bit so just be honest if they say anything with a "you wouldn't believe some of the things that happen" safety chat.

    There's Cams with internal facing I've seen go past for cheap on threads here, but they won't work at night. I spent more for Blackvue IR and it's great. Expensive but with eBay sale code and tax deduction worth it. Check your state if you need to mute audio record legally.

    I also use a GPS trip logger from GoFar, but the recent Ozbargain Steering Up app deal works brilliantly, if still free premium.

    I'd give an aux cord to boozy people so they control the tunes and you control the volume. Make that deal otherwise they keep cranking the stereo till speakers blow now matter how much you try to stop them.

    Can be fun, but make sure you keep cash for tax time. Adds up a lot. Ride safe

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    No update from OP. Anyone read any reports of driver found locked in boot in remote location?


    Don't drive if you got the sniffles.


    have you found it worth it so far?

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