Any Place to Buy PSTV in Australia?

I've been trying to buy a PSTV recently and unfortunately missed getting one from EBGames before they recently jacked their prices up.

Has anyone else managed to find anything better than Amazon US recently? Which has them for about 95 AUD shipped.


  • Saw EB Games selling them for $11 once

  • Not to be confused with the TV tuner accessory for the PS3: the PlayTV.

    This thing is destined to become very collectible I think; the price has probably already bottomed out. 100 bucks is what they seem to go for on ebay, globally at the moment, and I see it only going up from here as scarcity increases..

  • But why?
    It's the most redundant thing. Makes no sense to buy/own one.
    Just get a used PS4 or a new PS4 Pro and call it a day.

  • Yeah these are getting very very collectible, even the stands for the vita tv are as expensive as the console itself on eBay.

    I was lucky enough to find a seller who uploaded a price around the $70 complete with original content before Christmas last year, including game codes (were expired but now i have a spare game case XD). Just keep an eye out on re-seller sites, you might get lucky with a person who doesn't research the value or is wanting to get rid of quick.

  • I'm actually looking for one myself…eBay prices are ridiculous though, while EB never has any preowned ones in stock.

  • Wow, I didnt realise these were collectable now.

    I've got a japanese white one sitting in my drawer. I might rebox it and store it in future.

    I do still play vita a lot though.