Samsung Galaxy Note FE Advice/Find Me A Bargain

Hey everybody,

Wondering if anyone here has experience with a Samsung Note 7FE in Australia? Updates wise? Warranty?

I've had a look and it seems the quickest way would be via

Kogan/Dick Smith

This the 'best' option around? Stacking it with a $50 off voucher? Would it be worth getting the Extended Warranty? How does that factor in with the phone being a grey import?

Would appreciate all advice,




      Extended warranty isn't available via eBay is it?


        Depends what you mean by extended warranty.
        Samsung Australia won't cover warranty for the 7FE bought anywhere since they were never launched here.
        The only warranty you're getting is vendor warranty.


          If there is a fault with the phone, failure of product etc, nothing of my own doing (water, physical damage, software manipulation) I would like to know that as a grey market phone, I still have some sort of fall back if needed.


        Why even bother with the Note7/FE ??

        If its for the S Pen = Note8.
        If its for performance = S9+.
        If its for good value = used S7.


          Note 7 is the only true successor I have seen to the note 4 which was my ideal phone and in my mind one of the best the market has seen and has been perfect or at least has until now where it's only just started to show it's age I find and even then I can still factory reset it again if need be.

          The Note 7 still has a home button and has a physically similar body which I prefer to the later models.
          Performance is comparable to the note 8 which is fine by me.
          Doesn't have the price tag of a flagship phone which I don't need.



          Yeah, but more important than hardware is the software.
          You can pretty much kiss goodbye software support for the Note 7/FE. In fact, the S7 is at its expiration date and the S8 will barely get supported going forward.

          And the true successor to the Note 3 and Note 4 is actually the LG V20.
          Improvements to the camera, processor, and battery life… nice screen size and removable battery.
          The Note5 is actually more of a Note6, in that, its very different to the LG V20 and the previous NOTE's. Whereas the Note7, Note8, and Note9 will be fairly close to the Note6/5 aesthetics in hardware and software… where the NOTE is no longer about being practical but about being stylish (urgh).

          I'd say skip the Note's… go for something like it without the S Pen, if you can.
          The LG V30, S8+ and S9+ are better alternatives. And then there's the Apple iPhone Plus (6S, 7, 8) which get great hardware and software support… especially when connected to the ecosystem: Apple Watch, Apple CarPlay, MacBook Pro, HomePod.

          (and this is coming from someone who owned the Note 1, 2, 3, and is using an LG G6)