Android App to Chat across Lan/Wi-Fi on a Cruise (No Internet)

Hey guys,

I am going on a P&O cruise soon with family and am looking for an app that will allow us to keep in touch with each other while on the ship without paying for internet access.

I once had an app that allowed messenging and calls between phones on the same wifi (lan) network, but can't seem to find it on the app store anymore.

It worked reasonably well last time, the biggest issue was getting a stable wifi connection all over the ship.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    I copied and pasted the title into Google and here's the first result.

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    I am going on a cruise in about 2 weeks, and have been looking at the same thing. FireChat and Telegram seem to be the most recommended. I havent tested either yet, so not sure how good they are.

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    Walkie talkie? :)

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    last time I was on a cruise P&O had an ob-board wifi based application that will allow you to chat and locate eachother, however no push notifications etc

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    Signal fires. Gondor calls for aid.


    Would the cruise lan work like that? I don't see why they would grant access to local resources for regular clients. What use would there be for cruise goers to connect to the wifi if not accessing the internet.


      You're able to use a basic check-in/messaging feature, view things like daily events, check your onboard credit, book tours etc. All on their local network, without paid internet access.

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        On dedicated kiosk machines. If you want to use proper internet you'll have to pay for it… on P&O.


          Yea that's what I'm saying. The things I mentioned are able to be accessed on their local network, without paying for internet. This is referring to the post above me.


    I've been on two cruises (Norwegian and Royal Caribbean) and both had apps like this that could be used for messaging if you hadn't paid for internet (in theory)

    However, I found that my phone would freeze and restart every few minutes if it was connected to wi-fi but couldn't access the internet so the app was useless for me. You may have a different experience though.


    Thanks guys, looks like a few I can try, not particularly keen on any of the mesh based apps, because all the ships have wifi I think the best bet is a LAN based type of messenger. I came across Talkie and it seems like it will do the trick.


    I think it was talkie or something similar that I used on my last cruise.

    Worked pretty well but for some reason would never work when behind my router that I used to share the unlimited wifi/internet with more then one device.

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