2018 Best Budget Mini Drone Quad

Hey there guys just wanted to see if there are any new good value mini drones out there.
I have just killed my last JJRC H8 mini which I cant rate highly enough they are awesome little things. I was just about to order a couple of new H8s but thought I better check if there are any new recommendations.
*I dont need or want camera (in a budget drone)
*Just use to procrastinate doing paperwork indoors really, which the H8 really excelled at.
*durable as in the fast mode the H8s have taken an pounding and lasted a fair while bouncing off walls.
*bought the H8s for $13 in the last sale but can only find them for around 18 AUD at the moment. Im happy to pay more for any recommendations that will last longer and hence be better value in the long run.


  • Try eachine e011. About 16usd. It's probably more durable than h8 mini.

    You want something with 7mm brushed motors. I think 7mm is sweet spot. 6mm too weak (unless indoors). 8.5mm too heavy.

    You can get something like h36 or f36 for 12usd when on special but it only has 6mm.

  • Nice one thanks Kiwi, Ill give the e011 a try not very keen on the lego man attached though

    • Lego man is gimmick just throw him away, save weight and fly faster. The e011 board can also be flashed if you buy a usb adapter so you can enable acro mode. Acro mode means angle mode is disabled, harder to fly but gives you full control it disables the angle limit which means the quad will tip over if you forward roll etc.

  • Just reading up on them and watched a couple of vids. Seems like e011 much more durable but H8 much faster (in high mode) so a bit of a trade off. I may have to get both :-)

  • where is the cheapest place to get the e011 ?

  • Which one is good with camera and budget drone? rough price?

    • Prices in usd

      Budget controller:
      Flysky i6 $50

      Good controller:
      Frsky Taranis q x7 $100

      Budget drone with camera:
      ~$36 furabee tiny whoop with camera.
      ~$50-100 king Kong tiny 6/6x/7/7x. Can get version that comes with 5x batteries.

      Budget drone with camera and cheap controller and cheap glasses.
      E013 $70

      Good box goggles:
      Ev800d includes dvr (record video to microsd) $90

      What i bought last month:
      Tiny 6 advanced pack (tiny whoop 65mm drone with 6mm brushed motors, 5x batteries, charger, spare parts, frsky xm receiver) $60
      Taranis q x7 transmitter $100
      EV800D $90
      Velocidrone simulator $20
      Cost: ~$270 usd using coupons.

      What i might recommend (this gives you 3" or 140mm larger quad):

      Flysky i6 remote $50
      Furabee x140 flysky version $99 with coupon
      Ev800d $90
      Battery x2 $25
      Cheap charger $25
      Velocidrone sim (use free version)

      If you just want something for pictures and cruising around and don't want to buy gear that you can grow with and upgrade then check out mjx bugs 2w and mjx bugs 3 etc.

      I find the tiny whoop is a bit tricky to control indoors using acro mode and outdoors if there is any wind it is hard to fly (Wellington is a windy place). Also the kingkong tiny whoop didn't have on screen display (osd) of the voltage.

      The voltage monitoring is important bc if you run a lipo too flat out will die or deteriorate faster.

  • I found banggood best price atm but they change a bit. A few on ebay close to that price while back up 716 motors were cheaper on ebay the spare battery's were cheaper on bangood. Cheapest FPV mini drone is e013 for $85 as a complete kit with goggles. I was nearly going to get one but really want 7mm motors now (for no real factual need reasons other than they are more powerful and apparently being more stable in the wind). rave reviews on the e013 though.

    • Can you buy the batteries in Banggood? They don't ship them to nz, i would think Australia is the same. Can you check for me please because i might offer some to Australia and have a friend pick them up for me.

  • You can add 7mm motors quite easy.

    The h67 Christmas drone is available for $13usd ($10 + $3 shipping via coupon from gearbest) it has same specs as the e011.

    You pull off the Lego man or Christmas man and throw it away.

    To add an aio camera it will cost you about 20-25usd extra.

    You can convert e013 to 7mm motors. A replacement frame will cost you $1.50usd (eg e011 frame) and 4x motors around $8-15usd.

    • Awesome thanks for all the good info Kiwi! I have been knocking about inside for a while and starting to consider FPV so may opt to upgrade the e011 as I bought one with a fair few parts. If its a good reliable little thing will go for the cam and and some googles. What are the benifits of going with a separate controller like the Frsky Taranis q x7, I gather you get better range and can use the same controller for multiple drones.

      • Yeah, a better controller allows finer adjustment ("better gimbals"), it has better range. With a proper controller you can use the same controller with all your drones, whereas the cheap controllers you only have 1x controller per toy. The more expensive controller has more switches that you can use to change settings on the drone, like disable stability controls etc… All of the good / proper (non toy grade) quads require a proper seperate controller.

        There are quite a few different protocols used to control drones frsky, freesky, spectrum, futabu, dsm2etc…

        The drone has a receiver inside it, and the receiver must use the same protocol as the transmitter (radio controller).

        The e011 can't be controlled by most of the standard seperate controllers as it speaks a different language. There is a way to control it if you buy a seperate multiprotocol adapter ($9 usd for crappy one of $35 usd for good one) to plug into the back of the controller.

        Also - don't take my word for it, as i'm just a noob and only just got my gear in the last month or so.

  • It seems that 2.5" or 3" is a good size quad to buy. 5" flies a bit better and is the same price (bigger batteries) but you need a very large park, they are very loud, they will scare other people, they are heavy so will hurt someone and cause more damage when you crash).

  • Oh. This is probably a really good deal for someone starting out:


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