Cheap branded Sunglasses in Sydney.

Could someone point me in the direction of an optometrist or other storefront in Sydney that sells cheap branded sunnies. Looking for a place that is negotiable on the absurd $500 rrp! Preferably in the city, inner west or west. I'm trying to get it before Christmas, so online stores are out of the equation.

Many thanks!


  • I've got a pair of Black Oakley Oil Rig BNIB for $99 they retail nearly double this, pickup in Sydney is welcome or I can Express Post, let me know if your interested, cheers

    • Thanks for the offer but I'll have to decline.

  • Yeah I find Optometrists inflate their prices due to refunds for Health Insurance -

    You'll find Myer etc.. will sell them cheaper with their 20% sales.

  • i saw yesterday there's a store one level below pitt street myer that was having sales.. im not sure if they're real or fake though.

  • My GF working in the wholesale optical industry.

    There is HEAPS of retail profit in Sunglasses and frames…. just negotiate like you would negotiate any other purchase.

  • Thanks for the advice. I thought optometrist and myer would be on par with price. I'll check them out tonight and will check out pitt st.

    Anyone else seen any other stores with sales?

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