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[VIC] PS4 FIFA 16 for $8.80 @ Woolworths Box Hill


First post, but thought this might be a deal for someone. Saw this at Woolworths Box Hill. It didn't scan at the counter, but I showed the teller the pic and he put it in as $8.00.

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    Since when does Woolworths sell Xbox games?


      This is a first for me o_O


      Don't think I've ever seen Xbox games in Woolies.. and this post changes nothing.

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      They’re in the Dairy section.


        Refrigerated to avoid RROD?


    With the annual release of sporting games. Fifa 16 is worthless. Yet a still playable games. If you don't own any Fifa games.

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      Fifa 16 is worthless.

      So you don’t think they’ll sell any at $8.80 ?


        They will at that price. Yet its always hard to sell old sports games that get updated yearly.

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          They will at that price.

          So it’s not worthless then….


    $8.80 @ Woolworths Box Hill

    They’ll sell quicker if they put the price up to $8.88


      That mob doesn't play soccer


    Saw these the other day, they'd already been posted on here a good while back, honestly quite funny they still haven't sold off their stack of them.

    Thought about buying them to trade but tbh I'd be surprised if EB gave me anything more than 2 bucks per copy.