Resolved: Dewalt Refuses to Honour Redemption Offer

As an update, Dewalt has come back to me to honour the redemption offer after the initial refusal.

So, I had purchased the Dewalt DHS780T2A-XE Cordless Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Kit for $1144 from Bunnings from the below deal:

Dewalt was offering 2 redemption freebies
1) 6ah 54v battery DCB546-XE &
2) mitre saw stand DE7033-XE

for purchasing this mitre saw.

I had submitted the redemption claim via their online redemption website on the 31st January 2018 and received an automatic reply saying "Your Guaranteed Tough Redemption is on it's way!"

After 45 days, still no sign of the redemption items. So I contacted Dewalt. This is the Redemption Manager's reply:

"Regret to say that we won’t be able offer you a redemption for this purchase as it has already discounted from Bunnings. Redemption promotion is valid for the full priced product as this product’s original price is 1,649.00.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

You can find all Redemption Terms & Conditions here: "

I read the terms and conditons and what I could find was "This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.", but nothing saying it has to be full retail price. Even so, it was a on the shelf price at Bunnings.

Sydney Tools even advertised the same kit with the 2 redemption items during the same peiod.

Anyone else had the same issue with the redemption?

Do you guys reckon Dewalt is being unreasonable here for denying the redemption?


  • I'd be speaking with Sydney Tools.

  • Do you guys reckon Dewalt is being unreasonable here for denying the redemption?

    Yep, that's a BS excuse which isn't covered in their terms.
    Try calling again and see if you get a different person? Or email so you've got it in writing and can fight it.

  • Return the Saw for refund based on that it didn’t do what was claimed to, by failing to deliver a spare battery and stand 🤥

  • I'm also awaiting the arrival of this redemption. I purchased from Sydney Tools for $1149 and also received the "… on its way" email. I tried contacting them via the "Contact Us" form on the guaranteed website on 15/3 but have received no reply. Terms and conditions mentioned 45 working days which I is roughly mid-April, but if they are not honouring their redemptions, after it induced me to buy, i'll be planning to return it.

  • I think this is a case for advising you will contact Fair Trading if you don't get your stuff.
    They can't regulate what retailers charge for products:

    The 'other offers' clause is not breached because you are not taking up any other offer, just the shelf price asked by the retailer.
    I would absolutely fight this all the way.

  • Use Fair Trading carefirst on the phone, use phone recording app and let that manager you you are recording and may use it to fire a complain at the very beginning.

    good luck and write back

  • Strange. I bought a Dewalt thicknesser from Bunnings for around $350 less than RRP (it was their last one and floor stock without box etc) and Dewalt sent me the bonus circular saw. No problems at all.

  • Fair Trading. 'Not to be combined with any other offer' conditions are about you not also trying to claim another bonus (if they happened to be running one), not about discounts. Technically speaking, the retailer displaying a price is not even an offer from a contract perspective; it is an 'invitation to treat' or an invitation for YOU to make an offer which they accept. Fight This!

  • You can fight this and win easily

  • Great to know OP.
    I'll make a point of never buying dewalt from here on in.

  • Hi everyone. Thank you for your comments and suggestions on how to deal with Dewalt in this situation.

    I have ask the redemption manager to do the right thing and honour the offer. I have mentioned that there are many other customers who purchased the mitre saw at the "discounted price" with the redemption offer as the main incentive.

    I have threatened to shame Dewalt via social media and put in a complain to fair trading if they do not honour the redemption offer.

    The contact person at Dewalt has responded by saying she will hand the matter to her manager to decide on this. Will keep you guys updated on the response from Dewalt.

  • If your pricing was based on a price match and not a special buy-in price then it was Bunnings who were taking the profit hit and Dewalt are using this as a feable excuse to get out of their own promotion. I would also take this up with Bunnings, they will not like to hear one of their vendors is behaving dishonorably with their customers.