Samsung HWM360 Vs Yamaha YAS107 Soundbar

I'm looking at these two options, never owned a soundbar before, would appreciate any advice or opinions



They both seem to get similar review scores.

While appreciate that Yamaha is a better audio company, this is pretty much thier bottom end product, and I struggle to see how it would produce decent bass with an integrated and such low powered sub.


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    Personal preference, Yamaha sound quality better, Samsung more features. They are both very similar ones, its a very thin margin for Yamaha for me.

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    I have the samsung, sound quality is decent - I've heard better but can't complain. Had to turn the bass down because it rocked my apartment a little more than I'd want on default settings, would piss the neighbours off. I like the sub being bluetooth, less wires is nice.


    I would've thought you'd consider YAS-207 to compare with the Sammy instead


    I am after YAS 207 as well, having read all the positive reviews. Sadly though, none of the major retailers in Melbourne has it in stock and I have not been able to get a demo as yet. A few online stores have it(~$500), but I am hesitant to buy without listening to it first. Any suggestions where one could a demo?

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