Claim Back Power Bank China Southern Airline

I discovered that my power bank was confiscated from my baggage during a China southern airline flight. Unfortunately I won't be in China within the 7 day deadline. Has anyone managed to claim back there power bank?

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China Southern Airline
China Southern Airline


  • It was onsold to Foxconn, you get buy it back as an iPhone X.

  • China Southern. Customer service.

    Did you mean to make 2 forum posts? These don't really go hand in hand from personal experience.
    They'll apologise over and over, and you can go at them until you are blue in the face, but nothing will happen.

    "I'm sorry that [insert situation here]. May I suggest [insert random website/email/phone number to get you off their backs]? So sorry to hear that. There's nothing we can do (a crowd favourite).

    • I dont think I made two posts concerning this? I made another about my missing luggage. The power bank was in another checked in bag. They left a ransom note saying if I want it back I need to pick it up within 7 days or arrange to have it shipped. They only ship in China apparently. I tried to send them an email and msg with the number they stated but it doesnt seem to work and I`m yet to get a reply from my email. I guess this is how China can sell so many cheap power banks, just recycle them… I only used it once too ;(

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        One. It wasn't a ransom note.
        Two. You are not supposed to check-in batteries.
        Three. It was your own fault.
        Four. Get over it.
        Five. We don't care.

      • If you bothered to read my post all I simply said was "China Southern" and "[Good] Customer Service" don't really go in the same forum topic.

        It's gone - don't spend hours trying to get it back.

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    it's dead jim

  • Now you will remember well that batteries go in hand luggage.

    • I think I just wont risk it at all. Ive read posts of people loosing them both ways.

      • Or just get a phone with lower consumption, I've never needed a power bank.

        • Rocking the Nokia 3310 :D
          Just bring a plug. Don't most airlines have in-seat power these days anyway?

          Or get a cheap power bank and it doesn't matter so much if it goes missing then.

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        Nonsense. I travel with 5x 10,000mah Xiaomi Pro power banks on a weekly basis in hand luggage with no issue.

  • You powerbank must be the size of a brick. From my understanding, the limit is 20,000 mah. But it has to go in the hand luggage.

  • Did you seriously have a power bank in your checked luggage?

    Checked in luggage doesn’t always get the best treatment (thrown, stepped on, stacked up etc.) and one thing you don’t won’t in the hold is a damaged shorting powerbank.

  • I discovered that my power bank was confiscated from my baggage during a China southern airline flight.

    Why was it in your checked luggage?