Returns to Sports Direct. Any Tips?

Got some clothing to send back to Sports Direct. Looks like 1.5kg will be $50 Aus post. Signed up to the Paypal returns thing. Apparently covers $45. Any tips?

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    can u pay the $5?


    I think I pay the $50 and paypal reimburse. Never used. Just want to make sure I don't come unstuck with sneaky t&cs.

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    keep your arms straight and bend the knees as you swing through.

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    Hey mate. I used PayPal return recently.

    Smooth sailing. Easier than expected.

    PayPal asks you to upload photos of the claim. I took 5-6 photos just to be safe.

    Took photo of the receipt, of the satchel, of the parcel, heck even of the shoes I bought haha

    You should be fine!

    Just read the wording. Hopefully it says "up to $45"

    That way you can be pretty certain that they won't get you with t&C. Last thing you want is if they say they can't reimburse you any of the $50 because it's more than $45.

    Good luck but you should be fine. You can always call them if in doubt.


      Edit: Figured it out.



      I called Paypal to clarify their conflicting T&C's.

      They transferred me back and forth to different reps as they couldn't give me a clear answer.

      SO MY TIP - The flyer they sent out says return within 150 days, BUT you need to LODGE WITHIN 14 DAYS of placing the order. Since it's from the UK, Plus you need a returned RA form from Sports Direct (which took me 4 days) you need to move fast! In summary, delivery took 7 days, RA form took 4 days = 11 Days. So I need to get to the post office and take photos, send receipts within 3 days!

      Also, apparently there is a Paypal Returns (domestic) and a Paypal Returns International. Make sure you have opted into the right one, as those without the International version would be out of luck.


    Purchased a pair of shoes for $A70 from Sports Direct in mid-April.
    Received parcel 1st May. Wrong sized shoes but correct sizes on box.
    Emailed Sports Direct immediately but got no response for a week when they requested pics.
    Emailed pics same day. No response from SD. Many emails to SD but still no response.
    In June phoned Paypal and they sent emails to SD. No response from SD until 20th June when SD requested return of shoes.
    Return cost was $A55. Early July refund of $A70 was finally approved. Phoned Paypal again and was informed that I could submit a claim to Paypal for refund of return postage up to $A45. This was approved and refund paid by Paypal 12th July.
    After nearly three months being stuffed around and ignored by Sports Direct I was not impressed.
    Very impressed by support given by Paypal staff.
    This is a UK business. They have no address in Australia to return items. You will be out of pocket if you get the wrong item and want to return for a refund.


      Only purchase one item at a time to keep returns under 1kg so Paypal returns will cover the cost. Not sure who exactly pays the return, but it doesn't bother me if its free (if the cost is on SD, they might eventually develop some customer service). Just make sure you know the 'game' rules, buy stuff cheap, send it back if it doesn't work out. Don't get bitter, get better!

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