Returns to Sports Direct. Any Tips?

Got some clothing to send back to Sports Direct. Looks like 1.5kg will be $50 Aus post. Signed up to the Paypal returns thing. Apparently covers $45. Any tips?


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    can u pay the $5?


    I think I pay the $50 and paypal reimburse. Never used. Just want to make sure I don't come unstuck with sneaky t&cs.

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    keep your arms straight and bend the knees as you swing through.

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    Hey mate. I used PayPal return recently.

    Smooth sailing. Easier than expected.

    PayPal asks you to upload photos of the claim. I took 5-6 photos just to be safe.

    Took photo of the receipt, of the satchel, of the parcel, heck even of the shoes I bought haha

    You should be fine!

    Just read the wording. Hopefully it says "up to $45"

    That way you can be pretty certain that they won't get you with t&C. Last thing you want is if they say they can't reimburse you any of the $50 because it's more than $45.

    Good luck but you should be fine. You can always call them if in doubt.


      Edit: Figured it out.



      I called Paypal to clarify their conflicting T&C's.

      They transferred me back and forth to different reps as they couldn't give me a clear answer.

      SO MY TIP - The flyer they sent out says return within 150 days, BUT you need to LODGE WITHIN 14 DAYS of placing the order. Since it's from the UK, Plus you need a returned RA form from Sports Direct (which took me 4 days) you need to move fast! In summary, delivery took 7 days, RA form took 4 days = 11 Days. So I need to get to the post office and take photos, send receipts within 3 days!

      Also, apparently there is a Paypal Returns (domestic) and a Paypal Returns International. Make sure you have opted into the right one, as those without the International version would be out of luck.

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