Reordering Channels on The Hisense 55n7

I just bought the 55n7.

Is there a way to reorder the channels? I've gone into Settings>channels and can delete unwanted channels but I can't figure out how to change the order of them.

The manual isn't much help.



    Why do you want to do this? I don't think I've come across a tv where you can change the order so the channels don't match number order.

    One thing you might be able to do is set up favourites or you could possibly invest in a universal remote that will display your favourites e.g the one featured here


    I want to group the channels by ABC, Channel 7, channel 9, channel 10, SBS etc. At the moment it's out of order and the radio stations are in the middle of it all.

    My previous set-top boxes could do this.


    I think if you set up a favourites channel list. And select the channels in the order you want. Then you select your custom channel list as the default channel list that may do it… Well atleast on my Panasonic would do that.


    Of sorts, another way.
    If you can't re-order, can you at least re-number?

    Unless you want to keep all three of the SBS radio channels for the foreign language broadcasts, I suggest that you skip/delete 1 & 2, keep 39/SBS Radio 3 (DAB Chill/ambient channel - worth keeping), re-number it to 139, and then it will appear at the bottom of your channel list, along with 200/Double J and 201/ABC's Jazz channel. If you don't have a DAB radio, all worth having.



    How do you renumber the channels? I can't seem to find a way to do that either.


    An infinite scroll of Hisense TV deals on OzBargain deals page.
    It's odd that no actual owners chimed-in to help you. Are they Evil? Difficult to be certain, but a Hichance.

    Your channel-edit options might be limited. If so, adding almost any pvr/pay box will give you at least some edit options that you may not currently have.
    Don't despair. All will not be lost.


    I've gone through 2 stb's which has this feature. Pity the hisense doesn't :-(

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    Are you sitting down TheOtherLeft? Something that you probably didn't know…

    The menu-options on your Hisense tele may be limited by philosophy and actual evil intent to control/limit. Communists, not entirely known for giving the populace a complete set of options.

    With this knowledge, be brave and be strong :-)

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