Laptop Screen Protector

Hello all,

I have the razerblade stealth and am having a fair bit of difficulty finding a cheapie screen protector (12.5 version).

It's easy as to find iPhone tempered glass or film protectors for next to nothing and essentially I just want something that's not over $10.

If anyone has any experience with this and/or razer skins, sleeves or cases please let me know :)



  • You are protecting the screen from what? This is not a mobile phone whereby you risk scratching from keys and coins, etc. Totally unnecessary.

    • It's also a touch screen mate, I also like the idea of having a $1 thin piece of plastic on the screen of a $2000 laptop "just in-case" something happens somehow.

      • I understand it is a touch screen, my point is that there is very little risk of scratching given the screen is not exposed to external factors while in transportation. Besides, how often do people use a touch screen? Most likely not often. The keyboard and trackpad is more efficient.

        If you really have to get one protector cheaply, Aliexpress could be the place to get one.

        • Cheers, I'll have a look.

          Call it OCD - part of me know it will be fine but I just feel more comfortable with thr thought of one on there, even if it serves little to no purpose.

        • I have a laptop with touch screen functionality. I don't use it all the time but I do use it occasionally when browsing as it's sometimes more convenient than the trackpad when you can't use the mouse.

          I've also purchased a glass screen protector on AliExpress for around 11 USD just in case I scratch the screen when cleaning off the fingerprints.

      • If all you want is a thin piece of plastic than maybe fit your on from multiple phone screen protectors?
        Sure enough on a detachable or convertible they may be some need for it in case you drop it face down when using it?

        For a laptop, there's virtually nothing out there. Just get a cover/sleeve.

  • Umm, the screen is protected by the laptop keyboard and literally everything else when you close it??

    I can understand why you are having trouble finding it, don't think there's an excessively large market for it. Not wanting to spend over $10 might make it harder.

  • Look at MS Surface or other 12" tablet screen protectors.

  • or the xiaomi air 12.5, you can buy screen protectors from gearbest for that size (i got one free recently when i purchased a case)

  • Why do you need screen protector for Laptop ? What’s next ? Screen protector for TV ? Car windscreen ? lol

  • never had protection. feel much better without protection. Lol

  • so you have adamantium nails ?

  • Check AliExpress. Just note that some may make your screen glossy and more reflective and some are Matte and give a moire effect but I think which ever you choose it's still going to worsen the image quality of your laptop display.

    I don't think screen protector is really required but I did use one on my crappy Pendo windows tablet. So far it has remained scratch free

  • You want to protect a $2000 laptop but are only willing to spend $10?

    I'd suggesting spending more on a good quality case than wasting your money on "$1 thin piece of plastic on the screen".

    • Uhh I did ask if anyone has experience with this type of laptop and good skins / sleeves…

      Seems most people are pretty obsessive about the fact I would like a screen protector. Appreciate the responses, ali express and surface type and similar look like a good option.

    • You want to protect a $2000 laptop but are only willing to spend $10?

      10-15 years ago, I probably would've asked the same question, but people spend not much less than that on phones now and don't want to pay that extra for good quality glass protection. haha