Help Me Please. Laptop Seller That Offers Customization/Upgrade: ROG Zephyrus or Acer Triton 700 or Aero 15

Please help me by recommending a seller that offers upgrades/customization on laptops

Also, Exert gamers.. please share your opinion/knowledge/experience in any of these 3 laptops

I'm planning to get one of them.

I'm new here so please be kind guys

thank you in advance for those who will respond



    Xoticpc does but they are american based. You can also check out some one like kong computers they might for some models. This is a pretty small market in australia so you might have to just go with some one like dell.
    I know the asus is pretty new to the market and collecting abit of a following with good reviews and from what i have seen pretty decently made the rest of the them no idea.


    thanks kiato,

    i went to PLE computers and ask them if they do upgrades and if they do upgrades will the original warranty be voided?

    they said if the upgrades are done by them the original warranty will not be voided..

    so im going with Zephyrus from PLE

    thanks again for you comment

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