iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus

Looking to buy a new iPhone, was interested in iPhone 7 plus but it is not available in Victoria.

My only options are either buying iPhone 8 plus 64 GB or get the iPhone 7 plus 128 GB shipped from interstate.

Any iPhone user can comment which one is better?



    I personally find its hard to believe that you can't find either a 7+ or an 8+ in Victoria. Or an 8+ with more storage (if that's your primary concern) interstate.

    You don't have to be an iPhone user to decide whether you want 64GB or 128GB of storage..
    This decision is mostly your preferences: Longevity vs Storage. Speed?

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      8+ is available in Victoria. 7+ needs to be shipped from ACT


        LOL who is your source

        8+ have wireless charging and better camera, see the comparison on Apple’s website…


    I have the 8 Plus 256GB and am very happy with it.


    Well the 8+ is better. It’s the newer phone so one would assume it’s better.

    64GB isn’t enough space though.

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    IPhone X, 256 Gb :)

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    No iPhone 7 in Victoria? You guys living in the stone age down there?


    You can buy either model online I am sure. Which one do you want? What is more important to you - the saving you will make by buying the older model or having newer slightly improved technology?

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