Will Officeworks Price beat Cartridge Store?

i AM HEADING out to office works to buy a printer for uni, wanting to get this one

am wondering if office works will price match these links i found online.

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  • printer for uni

    why not a laser printer w/ toner? is colour necessary?



    Flat Delivery Charge:
    Payable (Exc. GST):

    Total payable (Inc. GST):

    officeworks are gonna wanna check for that delivery charge

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    Well I guess you'll find out when you get to OW then. Report back!

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    I doubt it. As discussed many times before ow won’t price match on non physical stores. I.E it has to have a physical store like Harvey Norman, jb etc

    That’s also a pretty expensive printer for Uni work. You’d be better off with a laser jet. The ink will go very quickly.

    • No, it doesn’t have to have a physical store. As long as they include the shipping cost, which has been discussed many times

  • Yes, Officeworks will match them as long as its an identical item. They will include the delivery charge though. See the policy here.

  • OP report back I’d be interested to see what they did. They’ll be looking at the cash back no doubt. And it’s only like $2 difference (not including 5%)

  • You might want to get a printer with automatic duplex, that comes in handy when printing out without wasting too much paper

    • Dunno who negged you but that is a good point. Also buy the fastest printer you can afford, speed is everything when you’re running short on time and have a bunch of papers to print.

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