Looking For A Cheap Locksmith for Duplicating Car Key

Recently I purchased a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer from a used dealer. They provided me with only one car key, saying that's all they got from the previous owner.

I would like to duplicate the car key in case it gets lost. I think it costs around $280 to get it done at a dealer and I would like to see if there are alternate options which are cheaper and viable.

I am thinking of maybe purchasing a blank like this on eBay and taking it into a locksmith (or purchasing directly from a locksmith).

I've done some research online and apparently there are three components to the car key:

  • The physical key (to manually lock/unlock doors and engage the engine)
  • The remote (to lock/unlock doors and the boot)
  • The transponder code (to deactivate the immobiliser)

The physical key can easily be duplicated at any locksmith. The remote can be programmed with one working remote. The transponder code can normally be programmed with two working keys but I only have one, so that's my problem.

Has anyone had any experience in this and can make any recommendations?

I am in Sydney NSW. Thanks.


  • i have to do this for an old mitsubishi, just a normal key, no wizardry… any locksmith is down to to do that?

    sweet if true. was thinking i'd need to go to a mitsi dealer or something.

  • +6

    I am a locksmith, but nowhere near you guys. (Also not so much into automotive.)

    My advice is, find a locksmith that specialises in automotive locks. Take the car to the locksmith or call one out to you. They will cut, program and test your new key.

    Do NOT buy one off eBay and then take that to a locksmith and get all butthurt when the locksmith cant get your $3 key from China to work. It’s your shit teir quality key, not the locksmith. If the locksmith won’t cut your shit key from China, it’s not because he wants to sell you his, it’s becuse if he cuts yours and it doesn’t work, you will think “shit locksmith” not “shit Chinese key”

    Some transponders come programmed and just need to tell the car that this transponder is good to go. Some will need programming. This can sometimes be done via the car, sometimes has to be done via a computer link with the car or transponder programmer.

    The problem with the do it yourself route is that all you are doing is adding a key to the system, it does not isolate the missing key. If the old owner still has it, they still have access to your car. The best course I’d to get all the codes removed and only the working ones put back in.

    Google for a good auto locksmith in your area and ask them for a quote.

  • For WA Krazy Keys are great.

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