Security cameras

Hey peeps, bought a dahia nvr and chinese cameras. I would like to setup remote viewing. I can do it easy enough, but i read these cameras should be setup securely. So i need help in doing so. I have a d7000 modem router


  • Hey OP, yep pretty easy to enable remote viewing. Do you know if you have a static or dynamic IP address provided by your ISP on your WAN connection?

    If you have static, then you can just assign it a free domain name (I use no-ip which is free only annoying thing is to manually click a link they email you every 30 days to renew the domain address). Then you just need to give the NVR a static IP on your LAN and NAT ports to it on your router.

    If you have dynamic, you'll need to download the no-ip agent on a pc that you use regularly so it can keep your WAN IP updated with the domain name. Then same process as static IP of assigning a static IP for the NVR on your LAN and NAT'ing ports to that IP on your router.

    In terms of once all of this configuration is done on your router/NVR, I've found the "iDVR-PRO viewer" app (both on Android and iOS devices) to work really well!

    Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me for further assistance :)

  • If you want a secure connection do the following:

    • Disable WPS
    • Enable Wireless Card Access List and only add known MAC addresses from the devices in your home
    • Disable FTP, SSH and Telnet to the NVR
    • Update to the newest firmware
    • Have a secure password