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Dick Smith 15% off All Laptops, 20% off All Desktops & 20% off All Microsoft Accessories


Got an email from DSE today boxing day sale.

20% off computers (exc Apple)
20% off All MS accessories
15% off notebooks (exc Apple)
20% off all security

If i had known this earlier, i would have waited before buying my laptop last week.

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    I think they have a 14 day promise. You should be able to get the difference back on the laptop you purchased last week.

  • Excellent point. But DSE don't have the exact same model. They have a better model for a cheaper price LOL. Do I still have a case?

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      well.. You can always try

  • Just checked their website and point 3 of the returns section. Have you changed your mind?
    If you still have your receipt and it is within 14 days of purchase, Dick Smith will give you an exchange, refund or credit (in the form of a Gift Card), providing the product is:
    In its original condition and packaging (including manuals and accessories); and
    Not on the Product Exclusion List.

    Product exclusion list

    Some items are not able to be returned. These items include:
    Gift Cards, Recharge Cards and Vouchers;
    Music Downloads, Photo Processing and Imaging Products;
    Unsealed printer cartridges;
    Unsealed computer games, music CDs, DVDs, computer software;
    Pre-Paid mobile phones;
    Vendor Direct goods such as fitness equipment; and
    Made / built to order products.

  • A further 15% on purchases of $50 or more if you pay by paypal?

    Looking good if it is. :)

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      just remember: paypal cashback max $100.

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  • any good deals on $800-1000 laptops. None of them stand out to me on first browse

  • Looking to get the SE X8 for $249. Its only $211 after the 15% discount, pretty good imo.

  • The Toshiba A660/07U stands out :)

    However new sandy bridge models which are twice as fast as the current i7 models (e.g. i7-740QM) will be released in mid-january for a very a nice price (due to the strong AUD):



    IMO I'd definetly hold back on buying any 'current' computer and wait for January for SandyBridge.

    • do u think current laptops can be upgraded from the current i3 i5 i7 to the new sandy bridge? or is it a different architecture and/or different socket?

      • Nope.

        Different architecture and different socket

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        Different architecture and socket.

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        Different socket and architecture

    • that's a pretty good price for those specs for that Asus N53SV-HDU2-SX108V

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    I was looking at the Toshiba A660/07U @DSE.

    I got the A660/07S (lower model) for a little more $$$ only last week >.< from Clive Peeters.

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      The only problem with the current batch of A660 is the build construction quality (too much flex on the lid, sides and right palm rest. Also, the left track-pad button is a tad loose compared with the right (unfortunately more than half of A660 in Australia has this problem).

      For quality construction alone I would definitely avoid this. Also, (now I'm being picky) Toshiba claims that the notebook is fingerprint resistant (due to the textured chain pattern), it's not and looks a bit disgusting if you have it facing other people.

      Another problem I've encountered is the poorly positioned I/O ports. For a multimedia notebook that will probably be cluttered with cords this is completely unacceptable - more chance of breaking the I/O ports which are not part of the warranty.

      However, it's not all doom and gloom. The LCD is bright and colourful - blacks are almost black - (not that crisp though… probably due to the low resolution) but it definitely is a quality display. The Harmon Kardon speakers are superb! alot better than most notebooks out there.

      • Toshiba used to make great laptops (486/pentium days), now they are all made in the same factory as Sony, HP, Dell, etc… They are all rubbish, but this is what you pay for. Prices are so cheap now, something has to give, and it is build and parts quality.

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        nvidia GT330M is meh =\

  • the Acer Aspire AS5820TG-524G50Mn for $1,274.15 (including the 15% discount) is not bad.. u get $169 cashback from Acer too —> http://dicksmith.com.au/product/XC8867/aspire-as5820tg-524g5...

    • I would go with an ASUS N61 16" for the same money

      i7 better.
      GFX better.
      Webcam better.
      Most of all, ASUS is much better than Acer :D

      • 8 hour battery mate

        and i can't stand the asus N series keyboards.. they are sooo flimsy!

        • I would buy neither for myself.
          I need full HD screen and good 460m or better GPU.

          Thought that the new 2011 ASUS's with Sandy Bridge were close but the GPU is a weak 540m :(