Uber Introducing Upfront Pricing from Monday 26 March

Just got an email from Uber stating that from tomorrow (Monday 26 March) they are abolishing estimated pricing in Melbourne.

Introducing upfront prices
From tomorrow, we’re rolling out upfront prices in Melbourne. This means instead of seeing a price range for your trip, you’ll see the exact price you’ll be charged up front- no surprises, no calculations required.

Need to make a few stops?

No worries! You can add up to three destinations before you request your ride.

If a trip changes significantly, so does the price

The trip price will be adjusted if estimated tolls/surcharges differ from actual, if your journey changes (for instance, you change your pick up or drop off location or make a detour), or if it takes much longer than estimated due to heavy traffic or other factors.

In these cases the price will reflect the actual time, distance and other rates applicable in Melbourne.

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  • No deals involved here, maybe post it in the forum.

    • A business that runs people over with automated cars.

      The cars must carry safety drivers who prefer looking down at their belly button (coughphonecough) rather than supervising the cars behavior despite the cars needing attention every 13 miles in order to not run people over.

      For comparison Google built a car that only needs attention every 5 and a half thousand miles. And they didn't run anyone over with their funcars!

      • +2 votes

        The automated car, it's not the driver's fault. The pedestrian came out from the side of the road from the dark at the last second, there wouldn't have been time to react if the car wasn't automated. The pedestrian made a stupid mistake and is at fault.

        • And ArsTechnica had an article about how the dash cam footage from that car is somehow suspicious, cos others have driven the same road and determined it wasn't as dark as it was made out to be. So something isn't right , til the investigation is finished we won't know

  • Hmm. Often i find the quoted price is more than actual…

  • and just a FYI, The driver no longer gets a fixed % of your upfront fare. This is just another way of Uber pocketing more money from the pax and screwing over the driver.

    Go uber. Not.

  • or if it takes much longer than estimated due to heavy traffic or other factors.

    Kindof defeats the point of fixed pricing.

    • Agreed. In the case where your trip is shorter or faster than expected Uber will just pocket the savings. "Upfront pricing" is just a disguise for "minimum cost".

  • That's great.

  • Not a fan. Fixed pricing in my experience leads drivers to take unnecessary risks to speed up the trip. And companies do it because psychologically customers think they’re getting a better deal but at the end of the day, fixed price in my experience has been more costly than a metered fare. Not good for drivers and passengers, probably a win for Uber though…

    • I think the driver will still get paid on $ per minute and $ per km, only Uber gets to pocket the difference between what the driver is paid and the cost given to passengers.

    • yep, as a casual driver i ain't doing your detour to get friend, I'm taking you to your destination than you can (profanity) off

  • I prefer metered charge more. Everything is simple and fair. Now they can even quote you a lower price, then charge you more but say "Sorry, you trip is longer than expected and…. " Sound more they now raise the minimun charge of a trip.

  • I get an uber to work 3 days a week and this new fixed pricing has increased my fare to 16 per trip. I have never paid 16 dollars per trip. On average the new changes have added $4 to my fare.

    Experimenting with Taxify this week.

    All good things come to an end I guess.