Moving to Faulconbridge - Need ISP


We're moving to Faulconbridge 2776 and need recommendations for ISP.
Any help would be appreciated.



  • Check your new address for NBN availability.
    If not, go to and tell us if any non-Telstra ISPs have DSLAMs in your exchange.
    That will narrow down who the best options are.
    Welcome to the mountains!

    • Thanks @mskeggs
      I have checked that already:
      NBN's around June but realistically December
      around 3km from springwood exchnage
      Suggested ISP is Spintel which doesn't have much good in reviews.
      I am looking for someone who has tried an ISP in the area…

      I am looking at:

      If am on telstra copper but expensive and shitty speed then I think I should go for good customer service and shitty speed than just shitty speed. - Barefoot?

      • I think if they are saying June it will be near then, so I would prioritise a supplier who will let you move to the NBN with no fees.
        I found Telstra DSL at the Katoomba exchange got super slow in the lead up to NBN going active - I think they stopped upgrading backhaul.
        Optus is a reasonable choice if you like EPL soccer.
        I can't comment on Barefoot, but all the Telstra wholesale ISPs (which is anybody who can connect you) will have the same line speed, so it is their Internet transit/peering/great big central pipe that will determine the speed you get.

        Most bigger ISPs should be able to give you a DSL connection now with the understanding you want to move to NBN ASAP when it arrives, but the most highly regarded (Aussie Broadband, Nuskope, Telecube(?) are focussed on NBN so might not be able to help.

        Have you had a look on

  • thanks again.
    It's free to move to NBN with all of the ones I checked.
    It's just a move up from $60 TPG in the city to ~$100 Telstra or optus.

    Thats the most helping comment that all wholesale ISP's would've the same speed, which is around 5-8MBPS.
    I can get 10 MBPS on Optus 4G while I was there.

    Whirlpool has given me a general idea but not specific to the are - to steer clear of Spintel, good customer service with barefoot and hit and miss with telstra and iprimus.

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