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TomTom XXL 540 5.0" GPS for $149 at Dick Smith - Instore Only (Navman MY55T $149 Too - See Edit)


Walked into DSE and saw this deal. Last time it was this price was the staff only sale (and it was $229 for general public then)! This model is also included in the 4 bonus maps promo from tomtom:

With this GPS you can be the envy of all your friends who picked up the xl 250 for $21 less (here). What do you get for your extra $21 I hear you ask? Allow me to enumerate:

  1. bigger screen: 4.3" vs 5.0" - who doesn't like an extra few cm's ;)
  2. higher resolution screen: 320x240 vs 480x272 - less retina, more cornea
  3. correct 'widescreen' pixel ratio: 4:3 vs 16:9 - good if you hack it to watch movies
  4. larger capacity: 1gb vs 2gb - important coz there's no sd slot for expansion on these.
  5. superiority complex that comes with owning something Bigger/Better/Faster/Longer feat. Kanye West

1. Deal is instore only - so can't be combined with paypal cashback. on the upside you can check stock online.
2. OW dont appear to stock this on their website so further price beat not possible, but already lowest so far!

EDIT: For all you navman lovers there's a my55t (4.7", 2gb, bluetooth, fm transmitter, live traffic) going for half price too at $149:

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    Good, particularly with the bonus maps.


    I'm Fans of Tomtom from the beginning, but The Navman seem very interesting!!
    SAME price with all the bonus features: 2 yrs warranty, Bluetooth, FM, Speed Sign/Limit Alerts and MicroSD card slot.

    the Tomtom's 4 bonus maps update is only for SINGLE country(ie. Australia),
    it means buyer eligible to update Australia map 4 times in a year time,
    not 4 x different countries if anyone somehow misunderstood the "4 x bonus maps" wording…


    Very good deal. Appears that suppliers are clearing these old technology TomTom devices as they are replaced by new models such as Go Live with fluid touch screen technology (similar to the iPhone screen). No more selecting the buttons on screen with your finger nails.


    so which one is better? the tomtom or the navman?


      Forget Navman.

      Do a google search for Navman reviews and see what unhappy past users have to say about the Navman brand.

      Tom2 (what I eventually chose) or Garmin.

      Or if you're a techie, then one of the Chinese GPSs from DX or eBay, etc.

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        Horizon +1, personally prefer tomtom, have owned multiple models over the years starting from the go 500 which I still have - its got go 720 firmware on there and latest maps :) never had any probs with them and found it very easy to teach others how to use. have had a few navmans too but found the usability and user interface lacking for my tastes. posted the navman deal though as it's loaded with features at that pricepoint and there still are an army (albeit smaller) of fans for navman too..


    How good this XXL 540 or navman my55t compare to Tomtom VIA 160, they on $199
    , but can get 15% cashback from paypal , end up $20 more, any recomendation?

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      In terms of brand, personally am a fan of tomtom - better UIs and much easier to use. Better gps fixes too. Now in terms of features, that via has bluetooth and voice control - so the question is do you intend to use it for hands free calling? If so, go for the via, otherwise the xxl - the voice control is still primitive so don't make it your deciding factor. Hope that helps!


    Cool, but how do these things do live traffic and is it effective for that?

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      They do it through use of an adaptor which allows them to process broadcasts from what is known as the SUNA channel. It's included on the navman but extra on the tomtom. Previously SUNA used to rely on user feedback and rta traffic updates, however with their new phase 2 roll outs speed details from cars already with SUNA (apparently in the tens of thousands) are fed back into the system for up to date traffic reports.


    Does anyone know if this model does auto-night screen brightness changing? I can't find it listed on the specs on the manufacturers site?


      Well, I bought one on a strong recommendation and looking at the online reviews. So far it is looking like it will go very nicely.

      Just a note for anyone else who has just got one - the 4 free maps redemption process is painfully tedious. You need to either mail or scan in your reciept - <150kb file, jpg only, and get password from an email and jump through multiple hoops. All that and the site to redeem it from wasn't part of the normal product setup process.

      To save people some possible pain - you can start your fun here

      I hope this helps.

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    This gets a + from me simply because it's the most entertaining description I've read all week! (Kanye West indeed!!)

     2.higher resolution screen: 320x240 vs 480x272 - less retina, more cornea

    LOL…..Comprehensive, AND, amusing post….nice work!


    Picked up a Navman due to the live traffic option and inbuilt bluetooth.
    As a negative, Navman does not support Mac, so if you don't access to a PC, Tom Tom is a better option.


      How does it perform Andy? and what's this "no auto off" thing which keeps appearing in the reviews for the my55t?

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        Haven't fired up as yet. Still installing software on PC to download a latest map as per latest map guarantee (as far as I can tell, unit comes with 2009 map pre installed).
        Auto off… I believe it is that you must manually turn off the unit when not in use. Some other models have an auto detection, when car's ignition is turned off, the unit would self power off too.

           Auto off… I believe it is that you must manually turn off the unit when not in use. 

          Oh ok, cheers, thanks for the follow-up.


          I have returned my Navman my50T (bought yesterday from good guys for $128)

          Navman's latest map guarantee is completely misleading… the "latest map" is only latest for these specific models (i.e. my50T, my30T, my55T etc) but not necessarily is the latest map available

          The map I had (and you got) was released on March 2009 (and is latest for these series)

          The actual latest map Navman released is July 2010 (available for Navman Ezy and new My60T and My75T series)

          I've been advised to purchase a new map for $99

          Never buying any Navman product again…


          Geeze…that's poor form.


          Hmmm, does not sound promising.
          I have been attempting to install NavDesk for last 30 min. The darn thing keeps stalling. Will go about 2/3 and then nothing.

          What is the return policy for the GPS units? I have unwrapped the unit and cracked open the software packaging. What are my chances of getting my $$$ back?


          Should be no problem as long as you do it within the 14 days return period. I've returned computer hardware with software without issue. I'll also seen GPS boxes on display (and marginally discounted)in DS marked "reason for return: customer changed mind".

          2009 maps when we are about to head into 2011 doesn't sound good.


          Re Bappy's post - saying the last version is 2009 doesn't tally, as their website says they have 2010 maps

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    Ahhh! good post


    the replacement model for the TomTom XXL 540 is the VIA 180. A 5" screen with fluid touch technology. Best price I've seen in the last couple of days is $254 at Myer. Officeworks will beat it by 5%.



    NavDesk 2009 (version 2.6?) is not fully operational is windows 7
    I couldn't locate any latest version of this application

    I convinced the sales guy today and he happily accepted the refund (he will report this to his Navman rep)
    I will recommend you explain this to your DSE store and purchase the tomtom instead

    if you are a big Navman fan - get the My30T for $88 from Harvey Norman - cheapest GPS with map from 2009

    I tried searching in various website if there is an alternate way to update the latest map…the only way is to unlock your GPS (voids warranty) and then install the new maps that’s available for free

    Search in Whirlpool - you will find lots of users experiences the same issue


    I have a navman my65t, it works quiet well but does have some issues.

    The Bluetooth connectivity did not work at all until I installed the software update. Once it was updated, it would connect but it's still far from perfect.

    Sometimes the speed limits won't display even when they are supposed to.eventually after much frustration and googling I found that turning it onto reset (aka: properly off) for 5 secs seemed to make it work correctly.

    Basically it works, and the navigation itself is great but the firmware is buggy. Even with it's. "updates" it still feels clunky when being used. Assuming the my30t runs on a cutdown version of the 65t some of these issues might also exist.

    Edit: the lack of an auto-off when the ignition is turned off ( or at least an option to enable that function) is frustrating also.


      I have the same issue with my Tom Tom XL with speed limits/red light warnings not appearing on screen or no audible alerts on some occassion. Works one day, does not on another.


      Tom Tom is completely hopeless when used in CBD due to inability to gain sufficient sattelite signal. I would be keen to hear from Navman users on their experience.


    Pity not available online


    Does anyone know if Dick Smith Electronics accepts Westfields gift cards?


    got one of these 2 years ago for $415 bux :) well the model it replaced


    While most stores (at least in NSW/ACT where I've looked) have sold out of the XXL 540, it appears that the offer is now available online — it was probably timed so that the PayPal cash back could not apply to it. Delivery was $5.95 for me.


    I guess this deal is gone now??? I can't seem to find it onoine anymore….


    Just spoke to Navman support regarding the "Latest Map Guarantee" and I am out of luck.
    They will not honour the claim on the box stating that this "offer" has expired. There is no terms or conditions anywhere on the box or inside the box indicating that this offer is for "a limited time".

    Bloddy bastards.

    NAVMAN - never!
    I am tempted to write them a letter about false and deceptive advertising


      Don't write to Navman, write to the Office of Fair Trading instead, I'm sure that would give you more chance of a free update. You're probably also entitled to get a refund if that's what you'd prefer, due to the misleading packaging.

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      January 7, 2011

      General Manager
      PO Box 3090
      Monash Park, NSW 2111

      cc: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Level 24, 400 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
      cc: Dick Smith Electronics, 2 Davidson Street, Chullora, NSW 2190
      Dear Navman:
      I am writing to draw your attention to a misleading and deceptive advertising by your company and I am seeking for NAVMAN to stop such practice immediately.
      On 28 December 2010 I bought MY55T GPS unit from Dick Smith Electronics. The packaging of the unit had a large sticker on it stating “Latest Map Guarantee”. After I bought the device it became apparent that this device had 2009 map installed. The Navman’s website stated that there is 2010 map available. I phoned customer support line on 1300 628 626 inquiring on how to obtain the latest map as advertised on the packaging and was told that this offer has “expired” (case reference xxxx). The support person advised that I could purchase the latest map instead.
      The statement “Latest Map Guarantee” on the packaging does not include any qualifications nor does it draw attention to some terms and condition of the statement indicating that this offer is for a limited time or to expire at some given date.
      Competition and Consumer Act (previously Trade Practices Act) prohibits conduct by a corporation that is misleading or deceptive, or would be likely to mislead or deceive one.
      I urge you to stop the above conduct immediately and will be seeking a full refund for the above purchase.
      I look forward to hearing from you.


    i brought the navman first cause the tomtom was out of stock then i swapped for the tomtom few days late.

    after using both. i prefered the navman. its got better voice over. for example when you are driving around the navman tells u to keep left or right while the tomtom doesn't say which lane. however i agree with the above it is NOT the latest map.

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