Stripped My Apartment of Carpet Due to Water Flood. How Would I Need to Proceed with Reflooring and Dehumidifying?

Hi Ozbargain I came home yesterday to my 1b1b unit flooded as taps came on after power outage. I completely stripped the carpet out yesterday and am thinking of getting some timber laminate as the next flooring. I have a few questions as I've never done this before (approx area is 35ish square m of carpet which was stripped)

How long do I need to wait before i can commence relaying a new floor? The concrete seems to have dried but I'm wary of hidden moisture which can promote mould development later down the track. I've googled Kennards Hire and they have a few dehumidifiers and blowers for rent but can be a bit pricy if used over a long period of time. Would 48 hours suffice for this if I blew out the skirting and base of the walls?

Is there anything else I should be doing/concerned about? I know there are some specialists who can come in and rid the place of moisture but I feel I should be able to do it with the right equipment.

Cheers have a good long weekend!


  • taps came on after power outage


    What are your walls made of? If they have soaked up water, then you might need to do something about them..

    • Agreed. If u sell it later and it has water stains and black mould in the walls you’ll have a liability issue

  • Are you insured? This sounds like an insurance job more than a DIY. As mentioned above, you may well have problems with your gyprock too.

  • Ground floor or multi level, body corporate involved?

    Timber laminate may cause noise problems if you live above somebody else. Better to investigate any requirements before installing than have to pull it up afterwards.

    Also interested to know what caused the taps to come on after a power outage.

  • In an apartment wouldn't you have body corporate or strata? The flooring and walls should be their problem (but carpet yours). Maybe find out their insurance situation?

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    What kind of taps both
    A) default to open on a failure or power cycle state…. That makes no sense.
    B) are installed somewhere that isn't over a drain or in a drained area

  • I'd love to know how your taps turned on after a power outage…