GearBest Customer Service Hopeless - Refusing refund on express shipping

I ordered a ROIDMI 3s on March 13th paid an extra $5 postage for express shipping. I checked on the status of the order yesterday & it had not even been sent. I contacted customer service and advised them of my issue, they said they had my Suburb in the field for State or something stupid like that. Anyway completely their fault. They did not offer a refund or compensation even after I requested on only the postage fee.

The best part is I tried for a refund on the postage again today but now their excuse is the item has been shipped so they can't offer a refund lol. What a load of baloney.

In the meanwhile, have ordered items from Ali express a couple of days later which have already arrived & I did not pay a cent extra.

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    No surprise from Gearbest.

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    What did your bank say when you discussed this with them?


    they said they had my Suburb in the field for State or something stupid like that.

    are you using the correct suburb with a correct postcode?

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    Ouch 5 dollars AND delayed shipping… hang in there buddy


      you were nicer the first time ;)


        Aww shucks :) ok well the dispatch is already delayed, if they don't refund you for the shipping then it must be sent via express courier. So in effect you're still getting your order quicker than if you didn't pay extra for shipping.


          this was also sent to me in the last email;

          "Could you please wait patiently for your order to arrive?"

          Do I have a choice!?!?


    @whooah1979 funny you ask… It's not enough that you provide your address when you sign up. They send you an email (after purchase) requesting your address again in the following format;

    Consignee name:
    Detailed address:
    Postal code:

    I replied to their email with my details a day later (now two and a half weeks ago) anyway I think i'll steer clear from them in future all the other big chinese sites don't make you jump through hoops to buy something. The other time they had SA as my state when I wrote VIC. It was a small miracle it was delivered