Please Help Me to Choose My Next (Mid Tier) Mobile Phone

Hello OzBargainers!

I need a help in choosing a new mobile phone.

Criteria are:
1.< $600.00 (can stretch out a bit if a much better phone is available)
2.Reliable (I can use it for at least 4 years)
3.Decent camera
4.If possible, current OS (e.g. android 7)
4.Sorry, no Chinese brands
5.Decent reviews (I have read some awful reviews about a phone that stops working after a year of normal usage) grey market

My friends suggest me to get samsung galaxy J7 pro. Does anyone have any experience with that phone? Do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks heaps


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    I would highly recommend the Oneplus brand. You can go for the Oneplus 5 which is around 500-600 or the 5T for a little extra.

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      That's a Chinese brand. The user specifically wants to avoid the best cheap devices out there because of some thing against China.

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      4.Sorry, no Chinese brands -> 'brands', not 'made'

      Thanks for the article though

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    - Nokia 7 Plus
    - Moto G6 Plus


      wow, the specs of nokia looking great! Thanks for sharing


        Motorola is owned by lenovo which is a Chinese brand.

        Nokia is still nominally Finnish (though Foxconn, who actually makes the phones, are Taiwanese)

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    What’s wrong with Chinese brands ? OnePlus, Oppo are all great phones ?


    Nokia 8s are $599 at JB Hifi right now.

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    So you want a phone that isn't a Chinese brand but still made in China?
    I'd probably recommend the Samsung A5 or A7.
    If not, probably the Samsung S8 if you can wait for the price to drop

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    So you'd rather a chinese-made low-tier with mid-range price samsung galaxy J7 pro than a chinese-made high-tier Nubia z17, Huawei mate 9 or even an Axon 7 with flagship specs but mid-range prices only because the latter are from Chinese companies. Sure.


    Rather than making a new thread - my question is basically the same.

    I'm currently on Asus Zenfone 2.

    Might go for a Zenfone 5/5z, or a nokia 8. Any opinions welcome.

    PS I have used a China-phone before - lenovo lemon - nothing against the country, but I do hate non-removable bloatware in other languages. And I cant be bothered rooting or flashing custom ROMs.