Best Sites to Buy GPUs and Motherboards?

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy some GPUs, motherboards, etc for mining.

Was wondering if you have any recommendations on Aussie stores/sites I can use, where prices aren't that inflated?




    If you are a member on ocau there is some used cheap asus 1070s going for $450 at the moment just a thought.


      How do I gain access to the buy and sell part?


        Have to be a member for a month or so to gain access.


          Ahh ok cheers mate


          3 months!


      Thanks. I am not a member but I will look into that.

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    This is not a store, but a price aggregate for products from most australian computer stores.


      Awesome. I never heard of it haha

      Thanks for the tip!

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    Are you new to mining ?


      yes, I am.


        Gpu Mining is rather poor at the moment.

        I have a solar set up and its borderline profitable .
        I turn the miner off when there is no sun .

        Best to look at the market and do some trading , with the profits then buy mining gear

        The market is also screwed , but best time to buy when low

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    Search is Staticice, eBay, Newegg. If you use MSY which you likely will through Staticice because they're usually cheap make sure to order for pickup rather than going into the shop or you may be dissapointed with no stock.

    Adding Amazon is advised. Using Amazon US (or any country) is not local but Amazon are amazing as far as customer service and will pay for returns including shipping.

    Also adding "Worldwide" is adviseable on eBay to find international sellers. I have never had to use it but supposedly PayPal will cover any scams. The key with eBay is just avoid any with under 100 feedback and less than 99% positive regardless of country.

    Personally I think it saves money to forget about returns and warranty and pay less for everything if it's low costs like under 1 or 5 grand or whatever your comfort level is. Your comfort level should be how much you can afford to easily replace something. Because in the almost non-existent circumstance that you do need to return something your probably going to replace it because the shop may ignore you without ACL enforcing standards.


      Thanks for the tip. I am having a look at Staticice now and will go from there. I am also contacting some friends overseas to see if they can ship me the parts that I can't get online.

      Appreciate the info! Thank you


    I can sell you 6 x GTX 1060 6gb cards for $400 each