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Pre-Paid (Optus Network) | $5 for 30 Days | 2GB Data | Unlimited Calls, SMS, MMS | $15 Subsequent Months | @ Catch Connect


Great option for those that don't need a load of data. Note $5 is for first month only. If you wish to remain connected, subsequent months are $15 each which is still a great deal. New customers only. Catch Connect is powered by the Optus 4G Plus network. Their 5GB & 15GB plans also have $10 off for the first month so they may be a better option for you. Enjoy :)

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    Worth paying a few more dollars for data rollover and telstra network (eg woollies)?

    • Please provide link to deal you mention.

    • Data rollover is a trap IMO. Unless you truly do not give a rats arse about the data.

      • How is it a trap? Why wouldn't you want to keep your unused data to use at some time in the future?

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          It depends on how it works. Optus' prepaid data rollover is good, because data below the max threshold will rollover perpetually, until you use it.

          Compare this to Virgin's postpaid rollover. Data only rolls over one month, and can only be used AFTER that month's allowance. So unlike Optus, you can't build up a buffer and then continue to use your normal allowance, always keeping that rollover data in reserve.

        • @JMC:

          I agree that not all rollovers are equal but the point of comparison in this case is with a plan with no rollover at all.

  • $4.80 after CR, rep? :)

  • Can you manage the account online to stop auto-renewal/re-start the plans any time? (e.g. when going overseas for holidays).

    • Can you manage the account online to stop auto-renewal/re-start the plans any time? (e.g. when going overseas for holidays).

      Oh, don't you be shy. What you really mean is that you want to ditch optus immediately after the $5 plan expires and move onto whatever el cheapo is available at the time, right?

      The answer of course is yes. You could chat with them online or give them a call to instruct not to auto-renew.

      • Oh, this account is directly managed by Optus? I thought it'd have its own web portal (Like Amaysim/Yomojo).

        And $15/m for 2gb is actually the cheapest I've found… do you know of cheaper? (not counting 1-month introductory pricing)

        • Sorry, I wasn't clear earlier. I only meant optus network, and not optus itself.

          The cheapest I know of is the $10 (per 4 weeks) plan from amaysim that offers a measly 1Gb but unlimited calls and texts for Australian numbers. I'm currently on their $40 plan though as I need at least 15Gb data and unlimited calls to India, Singapore, and the USA.

        • @CocaKoala: I just switched out from that plan to Yomojo's $16.20/2GB, since 1GB wasn't actually enough for me. But this deal beats Yomojo by $1.20 so…

      • They have a member portal where you can disable auto-renew of your credit card charges

    • Sounds like it:

      Can I recharge my service manually?

      Yes you can! If you do not want to use auto-recharge, you can instead recharge your service manually through the Catch Connect dashboard.

      Source: https://catchconnect.com.au/help/recharge-manually

  • Hmm certainly has me interested. I believe I have only one month to go on RED40 plan with Vodafone, so I must find something good soon. Been happy with Vodafone (signal strength good etc. & no drop outs here … have heard some have had problems with Optus internet here) apart from the 1 GB* data only.

    They are only offering me 8GB for $40 plan now though. Ringing me back on 13th; said would offer me a better than online deal … trying to get me interested in a SG9 …).

    Don't need a new mobile as bought a new SG7 outright when son's mobile died a few weeks ago so he has my old SG5 now.

    *1 GB data has not been a drama for me as I have usually just used NBN Wi-Fi. $40 plan though seems expensive and would like something cheaper. I transferred 2 other Vodafone prepaid accounts over to Kogan when 365 day plans were heavily discounted a few months back; thank you OzBargainers. Am leaning that way now.

    • Now I am looking at that Kogan mobile ad that says “Buy a 365 day Kogan mobile plan, get a second free: one for you and one for a friend!” I have already ported 2 prepaid Vodafone mobile accounts over to these Kogan 365 day plans … just my personal mobile that needs a better deal, and I don’t know of any other friend that wishes to jump too. Decisions … Decisions!

      • I’m in a similar boat to you.. the Kogan bogof plans seem a great price. My gf and I are uncontracted now and we were almost committed to jumping on Kogan, but she is looking at getting an Apple Watch and says it can only work with certain networks/carriers and I don’t think Kogan can support it (:S?) anyway, upon reading a few comments for the Kogan bogof post, a few ozb users teamed up and split the deal maybe that could work?
        And yes you def could do better for what you’re paying.. Kogan would be 16GB per month for less than $17/month :D (which is what I’d be leaning towards)

    • Vodafone upped the data recently on the Red40 plan to 15 GB, but the "2 for 1" 365 day Kogan Mobile offer on Medium, works out better. About $12.50 a month for each account with 6 GB data / 30 days. That is what I have opted for a week ago … waiting for the sim cards to arrive!

  • Does this deal include the data free streaming of Spotify, Google music etc?

    • That's a special deal that Optus has struck with entertainment / publisher companies. Catch might be using Optus network but (unfortunately) it doesn't have any of the Optus Perks.

  • What's the catch?

  • can u port from other prepaid network to this ?

  • Has anyone ordered this? How long does it usually take for the sim to arrive via delivery?

  • Can you order the SIM now, and only port/start in July?

  • Looks like everyone is into this game

  • This is a better deal isn't it?


    $13 per month plus 3x $13 vouchers (catch.com.au) to use (they email you 3 codes)

    Just purchased this, porting was done in under 2 hours, sim arrived in 5 working days.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to port from Vaya to Optus?
    It took 4 days to port to Vaya from both Amasim and Kogan. Vaya was crazily slow to port to.
    Wonder if they are going to be as slow to release my number to Optus.

    • What was the issue when you ported to vaya? How come it took so long? I haven’t used vaya before but if that’s the case I might try to avoid it.
      I could maybe understand porting from amaysim because they’re Optus network too (don’t think it should matter really in theory) but porting from Kogan to vaya also took 4 days?

      • Optus to Optus ports are tricky because they are not automated such as a Telstra > Optus port. I would suggest after you get the SIM that you call Catch to complete the port process as there are internal steps that follow. Generally it shouldn't take any longer to port, but you'll need someone to manually action it.

        • Oh I see.. thanks for the response. Just to clear up though, is that any carrier using Optus network? Eg amaysim to vaya, or are you just talking about Optus direct to Optus direct? (Now that I think of it, would that even be possible? Is there a situation where you’d be porting your current Optus number to Optus for whatever reason?) thanks for claricafion

        • @4KGrubby: Yes, any carrier that uses Optus, for example, Vaya to Amaysim etc. For example if you are wanting to move Vaya to Optus, Optus would call Vaya and obtain what's called a CID and this will allow the port to go through when the order is placed. If no one ever inputs this CID into the order, it will just stay in limbo.

      • They didn't tell me that there were any issues. When I called them, they just kept telling me "it can take up to 4 days". In one instance, it took them 4 days, in another - 3 days to connect.
        Another thing to be aware of with Vaya, is that their billing cycle is from 1st to the last day of each month.
        If you are not aware of this, it may cause some unpleasant surprises with data usage.
        Also, be prepared that their customer service is terrible. They won't give you a cent even if they are wrong, as their perception is that they are always right.
        If you plan to port out from them, make sure you cancel direct debit of your credit card.

  • By purchasing this product you agree:

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    All Catch Connect plans will automatically recharge at the plan expiry.

  • Does this have roaming?

  • Bought the 90 day …$39.00 plan for my daughter. Briliant. Fastest ever activation of porting over from Kogan. Super impressed…highly recommend…. Also received the vouchers to spend..5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

  • Does anyone know if this plan is eligible for data pooling?

  • Does this come with a SIM? Or is that something you have to buy separately?

  • Quick heads up for those porting over their number, I ported from Kogan/Vodafone and it took three days/over 70h for them to finish porting. My old SIM was deprovisioned right away so calls could be received, but no data and whenever I made any calls it said that there was no credit. I know typically porting from different telos is near instant and same telco does take longer, so this was quite disappointing.

    • Mine was 2hrs (Kogan->Catch), last Friday iirc.

    • calls could be received, but no data and whenever I made any calls it said that there was no credit.

      Thats not a "porting" issue. Your port happened fast. The problem was Catch activating your new account. That can even be done before porting, so you would have credit to call, but using a temporary number.

  • Ordered. Do I have to wait for the sim to port my number?