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Hi all,

I’ve just purchased a PS4 Pro which also happens to be my first ever Playstation console. I’m really keen to play some of the great Playstation exclusives which I’ve been missing out on while also taking advantage of the Pro’s power with 4K games.

My questions were:

  • What are the best PS4 exclusive games?
  • What are the best games which take full advantage of 4K (don’t need to be exclusives)?
  • Is it possible to play all of the God of War games on the PS4?

Since I’m completely new to Playstation, if anyone has any recommendations on other features/things I should check out, then I’m happy to hear.



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    The last of us (remake)

    • This!! I believe it's called The Last of Us Remastered. One of the best games I've ever played.

      • Everyone says this game is amazing, I just couldn't get into it! It reminded me of Resident Evil but not as good.

      • Can't recommend this enough!! Play it on normal difficulty first and then play it again in the future on Grounded difficulty. Completely different game both times.

    • Loved it on the ps3 might grab it for the ps4.

      There is going to be a second one :)

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      +1 this OP

      The fact that a 5-year-old PS3 game is one of the best games ever on the PS4 just shows how good it really is.

  • Only God of War 3 Remastered is on PS4… New one looks very promising, out 20th Apri.

    Best Games:

    Monster Hunter
    Shadow of the Colossus Remastered
    The Yakuza Series
    Street Fighter V (It's THE console for fighting games if thats your thing — Tekken7/Injustice2/MortalKombatX/DragonballFighterZ)
    Nier Automata
    Gran Turismo Sport (A big improvement on the 4K pro)
    Horizon: Zero Dawn (Probably the best 4K exp)
    The Uncharted Series…
    Until Dawn
    Metal Gear Solid: TPP (not exclusive, but regardless…)
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (as above)

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      Regarding fighting games, you totally missed King of Fighters XIV, not to mention Guilty Gear Xrd revelator (the latter being arguably the best fighting game this generation). Also a BlazBlue version. Also, Dead or Alive 5, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite… Lots and lots of fighting games!

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        word. Skull Girls, Gundam Versus, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection coming in May… Soul Calibur 6 coming this year… Got it all!

  • I just got my first playstation console (PS4 slim) last month!
    I went straight for Uncharted 4. Don't even worry about the first 3 yet (i'll probably get on them later). Definitely recommend it for the PS4 exclusive experience.

    If you are getting a PS+ membership, jump on the monthly games. Ratchet and Clank is actually an awesome game despite its basic gameplay. This month you can get Mad Max and Trackmania turbo.

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      I seriously wouldn't skip on the original three games… yes, they are HD remasters on the PS4 and hence don't look as good as Uncharted 4 does, but that doesn't stop them from being some of the best games on the system.

      • I meant uncharted 4's story doesn't rely much on 1-3 so you can buy that just to get the awesome look and feel. but damn I want 1-3 now!

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          I know :), just saying, you'd be doing yourself a disservice skipping those games. Just my opinion but I don't think of 4 as the best entry in the series. Ignoring the obvious improvements in graphics, I'd personally consider 2 and 3 to be better than 4, but again, it's a matter of opinion in the end and I suspect 4 will have a special place in your heart as it's the first one you played :). The first game is definitely a bit clunky, but stick with it and play it all the way through to the end. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection is seriously one awesome package ($45 from Be careful as these titles are also available as single games outside the collection for rip-off prices, better off just getting all three for a decent price.

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      Uncharted 2 was the best of them all but i agree you dont need to play the others if you just pick up 4 but i highly recommenced uncharted 2


    horizon zero dawn, uncharted 4 etc

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    Other good games that haven't been mentioned:

    The last of us remastered
    Persona 5
    Blood Bourne
    The last guardian
    Ni no kuni 2
    Monster Hunter world

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    persona 5

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    Best exclusive @ 4K: Uncharted 4.

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    Man, this is a really tough question since there are an absolute crap load of exclusives on the PS4. Most of what people have mentioned here are just the really big, well known mainstream titles. But when you look past those, there are ten times that amount of exclusive games, most of which you’ve never even heard of with many of them being really good.

    I think it would help if you can tell us what kind of games you like, that way we can give you less of a general list and something a bit more tailored for you.

    If you just want the game that looks the best and will make your 4K HDR setup scream, horizon zero dawn is probably the best looking game on the system and pretty much a must-have at this point. In terms of story-telling, any of the naughty dog games are amazing (uncharted/last of us games). If you like story driven stuff, I'd highly recommend trying out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection, which contains the first 3 Uncharted titles for PS4, obviously if you like those, Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy would be the obvious follow ups to that.

    If you like Japanese games (which I really like) then some of my favourites are:
    * Yakuza (best to start with 0 and then play Kiwami as it has quite an intricate story, if you jumped straight to 6, you're going to be very lost)
    * Nier Automata <- I really liked this game.
    * Persona 5 <- incredible game, one of the best JRPGs ever in my opinion.
    * Tales of Berseria <- I freaking loved this game, probably my second most favourite Tales game. Unfortunately this game pre-dates the PS4 Pro and therefore runs in basic 1080p, at least it's a buttery smooth 60fps.
    * Valkyria Chronicles HD Remaster <—- amazing, that's all I can say, it is actually a PS3 game but got ported to PS4 cause it's so amazing… skip the sequel though, they changed the game mechanics and kinda f* it up.
    * Nioh <- graphically amazing! But this game is hard as nails!
    * Shadow of the Colossus <- Arguably one of the best games ever made in Playstation history, it's actually a game from the PS2 era, but it has recently been remastered, but it's more like a remake, it has brand new graphics and is pretty much on-par with current-generation titles and has full PS4 Pro support with HDR support and all.
    * Gravity Rush <- originally a PS Vita title, it's been enhanced for the PS4. The sequel looks really good on the Pro.
    * .hack//G.U. Last Recode (it's a collection of the 3 .hack//G.U. games from the PS2 era along with a brand new 4th volume). This one I'd probably only recommend if you like .hack (like seen the anime or something like that, these games are actually the follow up to .hack//Roots, the anime).
    * Final Fantasy X HD Remastered Collection (this is an awesome collection, it contains HD remastered versions of Final Fantasy X, a little short film that fits between X & X2, also contains X-2 itself, X-2 Last Mission which is sort of a sequel to X-2, and an audio drama that takes place after all those games… to put it bluntly, it's a very complete collection and really good if you've not played Final Fantasy X before)

    • Thanks for the detailed response!

      I tend to like open world RPGs/action adventure games the most such as The Witcher, Skyrim, GTA, Zelda BOTW. Having said that, i'm open to most genres of games and there's not much i won't give a shot or any genres i dislike.

      I haven't really delved into Japanese games that much to be honest. I played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 recently which i didn't mind. Thanks for the list of games above. I've heard good things about a bunch of them so i'm keen to give them a try!

      • This one is not a PS4 exclusive, but have you looked at Final Fantasy XV at all? Based on the games you mentioned liking, I'd be extremely surprised if this game isn't right up your alley. I would almost say this should be your top choice if you haven't played it. Plus it goes on special very often these days :) so you can usually pick it up for under $20 (for example $19 at JB:

        Also taking your preferences into account, from my list earlier I'd probably recommend these PS4 exclusives outside of the obvious mainstream titles (i.e. get Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn games first):
        * Nier Automata <- Awesome game, it does require you to play the first half of the game twice from the perspective of different characters (endings A and B) which is kind of annoying, but the third part of it is awesome (route C, which is actually the sequel of routes A and B), so definitely don't stop part-way through the second arc, get to that third arc! Once you finish the third arc, it only takes another couple of hours to also unlock endings D and E. Has PS4 Pro support, but it still runs has 1080p, the game just has better graphical effects like motion blur, anti-aliasing, better texture filtering, higher quality shadows, better frame rates etc.
        * Yakuza 0 <- Predates the PS4 Pro, but it's kinda like mafia/GTA, but no driving, it's more visiting places and fighting people while enjoying a cool set of characters and story.
        * Shadow of the Colossus <- As I mentioned, remake of a very classic PS2 title, it looks awesome on the Pro.
        * Persona 5 <- If you want to try a true Japanese RPG, I can't think of a better example than this, except maybe Persona 4, but that's a PS2/PS Vita title, so you're out of luck there.

        Also worth checking for demos on the PSN store. For example Nier Automata and Yakuza 6 both have demos available. Yes, you're not likely to jump straight into Yakuza 6 (you'd go Yakuza 0 -> Yakuza Kiwami (remake of the first game) ->Yakuza Kiwami 2 (remake of the second game which launches later this year -> jump to 6), but the demo should at least give you an idea of what kind of game it is.

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    2 player coop games?
    Got 2 controllers onlyz

    • "A way out" is only playable with 2 players

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      sigh there is no such thing as 'checkerboard upscaling'. By definition this makes no sense as checkerboard rendering and upscaling are two completely different and unrelated techniques. Upscaling refers to rendering at lower resolutions then scaling up the result, which gives you a blurry picture.

      With checkerboard rendering all pixels are in fact rendered at native 4K with no scaling taking place. It is a reconstruction algorithm. In simple terms, you render half the pixels in each frame using a checkerboard pattern. By tracking the motion of pixels from frame to frame, you then reuse the pixels that were rendered at 4K from the previous frame to augment the pixels rendered at 4K in this frame. So every two frames you've rendered to every pixel on the screen, simply reusing the other set of pixels from the previous frame by moving those rendered pixels to their appropriate location in this frame. This works because from frame to frame the image does not change all that much, like a human arm doesn't suddenly go from skin colour to blue (and even if it did, it would fix itself the next frame when the alternate pixels are rendered). So you can generally just reuse the appropriate pixel from the previous frame instead of rendering that pixel again from scratch, which is much more expensive to do.

      This is not all that different from watching a BluRay for example where you have a key frame every now and then followed by a series of frames generated by pushing pixels around. So by your definition we should not consider UHD blu-rays a native 4K media. Just pointing it out. Unfortunately not a lot of people actually know how checkerboard rendering works, but it is what it is. You will never get a blurry picture from CBR, it's just not possible as your pixels are rendered at 4K and stay at 4K but people unfamiliar with the technique seem to think that would be the case.

      The term 'checkerboard upscaling' is something that XBOX fans came up with to try and make the XBOX ONE S sound just as capable as the PS4 Pro, this way they could say that both consoles rely on upscaling for 4K rendering when that is not correct. In fact, some games actually use a combination of checkerboard rendering AND upscaling to get to 4K… in other words, they are two completely different techniques.

      In practice it is very difficult to tell the difference between an image that was rendered normally versus one rendered using a reconstruction technique like checkerboard rendering. People can argue that fact as much as they want, but games like Horizon Zero Dawn demonstrate this.

      Sorry, but as a developer with a graphics background I can't help but cringe every time someone says checkerboard upscaling. Other than that, yes, the hardware is good for targeting 1440p if you are not using something like checkerboard rendering, but at the end of the day, why does this matter? Fact is, when sitting at normal viewing distances from a TV, you're highly unlikely to even be able to see the difference between 1440p and 2160p. At that point it mostly becomes a numbers game.

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    Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing! First game I have ever wanted to platinum. Beautiful on my Sony 65Z9D.

  • Wipeout

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    Horizon zero dawn and the dlc
    Monster hunter world

  • Fortnite!

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    The Last of Us Remastered
    The Last of Us Part II
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Until Dawn
    The Heavy Rain™ & BEYOND: Two Souls™ Remastered
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Infamous: Second Son
    The Last Guardian
    Persona 5

  • Persona 5 hands down.

  • Uncharted 4, Lego Marvel Superheroes, Resident Evil 4 remaster.

  • A lot of good ones mentioned above. Here are more:

    Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
    Samurai Warriors 4

    Rementions because they're so great:
    Nier Automata
    Nioh (be prepared to die over and over)
    Horizon Zero Dawn

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