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Spotlight: $5 off (No Min Spend) for Updating Email In-store + $10 Voucher ($50 Min spend) for Updating Email In-Store or Online


this deal still valid. Update your email address and get $5 off, no min spend and you’ll receive an email with $10 off a $50 spend (or enter SPAUPDATE to redeem online at checkout) - make sure you are signed into your account at the checkout

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    You don’t necessarily need to update your email for the $5 coupon. Rather, the requirement is to ‘opt-in’ to receiving Spotlight promotional emails, which of course also involves checking that your email is correct/current. This has been running for the last 3 weekends and most likely will continue for another few.

    • Only weekends? Is this in store offer available on weekdays as well?

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        No, weekends only but it’s also not certain if this will continue. Just a trial by head office at this point. Spotlight is finally trying to get with the times and move away from paper mailings, but can’t do that until our masses of VIP members actually become subscribers.

    • I didn’t have to update any of my details, they just scanned the coupon and I got a code. Not sure if other stores are the same

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        I would say this would be more of an exception rather than the rule. Stores were lectured in preparation for this weekend owning to last weekend’s poor performance in the disparity between opt-ins and voucher redemptions. Obviously not everyone listened…

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      So to get the $5 coupon do I ask a staff member to opt me in to receiving promotional emails if my email address is already correct? Or would I specifically need to ask for the $5 discount?

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        If they don’t offer it to you at the door or at the counter then there’s no harm in asking for the $5 off coupon. Staff members should know what to do from there, if it’s still running.

  • When do you get the 10.00 voucher?

    • It's a generic voucher, just add the promo code during checkout.

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      You need to be signed in as vip, spend at least $50 and make sure you don’t have any excluded items

  • Hi OP, i have just signed up… to use the $5 instore coupon, do i just mention it at the checkout counter? and can only be used on weekends? (the previous posts had the voucher but had 'today only' writing on it…)


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      If you signed up and opted in to emails already, you would be inelligble for the $5 coupon in store. To get the $5 coupon you need to sign up and opt in or just opt in (for existing vips) in-store. The checkout person has to personally opt you in to email themselves to then be able to scan the $5 off coupon. As said above, this has run only for the past 3 weekends and may not run again. I will update here when I know more.

      • Is the $5 coupon in store offer running this weekend?

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          No, it's not unfortunately.

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    good deal

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    Title really should contain "in-store" for the $5 offer. Maybe I'm slow but took me me while and some reading to confirm/realise.

  • It worked for me stacked with the current $40 off coupon, so $50 off total, and I didn’t do any updating or anything, so that was nice.

    • Where was the $40 off?

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    Is the 5 off still active?

    • Doesn’t work

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    for $10 off

  • I've put through a couple of orders now with this code, and it's worked each time.
    Have been logged in to my VIP account for each order etc.
    Nice to save $5 an order :)